Hey, I'm a new ham, got my Tech a couple days ago, nearly got my General. I'm in the .

I almost got my license 30 years ago when I had an Elmer; this instance and the free QRZ-1 finally lit a fire.

I do as a hobby; my long list of upcoming ideas:
- learning CW
- rigs (e.g. kits from QRPme)
- µBitx
- rpitx (filtered, natch)
- a portable to drive it all

and are also in my future; I hike for already.

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Welcome, @KK7IGR , I hope you'll like it here long-term, too.

When starting to learn , do yourself the favor and learn somewhat fast CW from the beginning. The letters should come in at 12 wpm with no additional space. This way, you have no chance to get into the terrible habit of THINKING about incoming characters. Better: Subconscious character recognition training from the start! Research "Koch method". Shamless plug: is one place describing it.

@KK7IGR Welcome! Add qrpguys and qrplabs to your kit list. The builds are generally straightforward, but I find them very zen. Most of my portable ops are with a qrpguys antenna of one sort or another.

@KK7IGR or accomplish almost all of your list in one fell swoop by getting an SBitx SDR transceiver!

@W9SSN Also a neat looking kit. I think I gotta finish learning CW and maybe go back for my General before I commit that far to HF, as intrigued as I am by it.

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