Oh, and now I find the Surecom SW-33 on eBay for comparatively cheap, I should probably just get one for the 2m/70cm yagi project. Feels silly to pay more for the test gear than the build, and it'd be nice to find one that also covers HF, but that might be impossible in my budget.

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Anybody have a favorite DIY meter circuit? I want to build one (or enough of one to use a DMM for the rest, which might be possible?) but many of the ones I see online lack good documentation, especially how they work.

The catch is I need something for 2m/70cm, which I gather is a lot trickier than HF. I only have one big antenna project in the near future (tape measure dual-band yagi) so it seems silly to buy a new SWR meter if I can measure it some other way.

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Valuable web pages on so often disappear forever. Have you found an interesting site? Keep it at web.archive.org : install the browser plugin: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef, check if/when it was last archived and if not, do it. If the page disappears, the plugin will automatically read it from the archive.

Oh, that dead short that yagis seem to have is a "hairpin match". Trying to find good information on calculating the right length, and it seems like it should be in parallel, but a lot of DIY short band yagis seem to just have a loop of wire there, kinda-sorta parallel.

The AC/RF regime is so different from what I'm used to, I have no instincts for it.

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Hey, on a whim I went to look at the issues board for , and in the last three hours a nearly-finished POC for programming the QRZ-1 with CHIRP was posted. It's not in core yet, but it seems to work for me.

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Next up, a little interface board for the raspberry pi, so that it can enable PTT via optocoupler while sending packets via cheap USB sound card. Happened to have both of those laying around, too, for completely unrelated projects (sound card oscilloscope and MIDI).

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Just built a programming cable for the QRZ-1 using a USB UART, two stereo sockets, two stereo 3.5mm cables and a 3.5mm->2.5mm adapter. The not-CHIRP app that the device is locked down to seems to be happy talking to it from within a windows VM, but not at all under Wine, sadly.

Satellite noob questions:

I got my free HT yesterday, promptly set it up for some local repeaters. This morning the ragchew on the nearest was about satellite DX, but most sats are uplink and downlink on different bands (2m/70cm), which I'm not sure I can program into this radio...

And looking at DIY dual-band yagis, it looks like both ground and signal are both connected to the driven element? Isn't that a dead short? How does that even work?

covid misinfo 

One ragchew involved an old ham informing others he has covid, and somebody else spreading misinformation (flccc.net - still pushing ivermectin as a cure).

This is a window into a bubble I don't typically see much.

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Got a 2m/70cm handie (the free QRZ-1) and it's a bit on the clunky side. I gather the radio it's based on works with the cross-platform CHIRP but the programming software that works with this firmware is windows-only. I do have a 'doze VM that should work, but ugh.

Hopefully after enough hams have gotten this one somebody will figure out how to revert it to the original UV88 firmware.

Listening in on local repeaters; so far, only one is active, but lots of ragchewing.

Tiny CW Rigs complete noob question.

When you're using something like a QRPp or Woodpecker or Rockmite or any of the other tiny tranceiver kits, how do you know which frequency you're transmitting / listening to?

Do you typically add an off-the-shelf frequency counter? Listen to yourself on another radio? Guesstimate from the position of the tuning knob?

Hey, I'm a new ham, got my Tech a couple days ago, nearly got my General. I'm in the .

I almost got my license 30 years ago when I had an Elmer; this instance and the free QRZ-1 finally lit a fire.

I do as a hobby; my long list of upcoming ideas:
- learning CW
- rigs (e.g. kits from QRPme)
- µBitx
- rpitx (filtered, natch)
- a portable to drive it all

and are also in my future; I hike for already.


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