Are there really no CW skimmers in the middle of North America for Should I figure out how to do this?

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One of y'all shared a spreadsheet or table of radios a while back. I remember it as an image or PDF. Could you share it again?

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In case anyone else can benefit, I've just been dumping random practice files into a pdocast on my server.

@morse_practice is the fediverse address. No guarantees of consistency in updates or specific speeds!

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Cheers to , but I'm definitely not skilled enough to not be distracted by having live CW on in the background. Maybe recordings would be OK.

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Oof. Traded callsigns and sent a signal report on CW. That's about all my poor brain could process while trying to do other work.

If I listen to transmissions on my , they'll just sound like static, right?

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Here is the archive of yesterday's SDF Amateur Radio Club weekly NET on node 9229. The question was "Do you use Mastodon to promote amateur radio?" and in particular I mentioned a few times during my check in as there are many stations across the gathering here and registering their call signs. You can listen to the archive here:

There were 11 check ins and 2 new stations.

I may have asked this before. Anyone have experience volunteering for endurance events (ultra runs, etc.) and want to share thoughts?

I'm reaching out to local hams about volunteering, but we also have long events with sometimes low numbers. Could be long periods between racers coming through. Is this a turnoff for volunteers, or shouldn't I worry about it?

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Working on the new blog post today. The most notable product covered in this 1986 "Chronicles" episode was probably QuoTrek, which might have been the first commercially available device for receiving wireless data.

QuoTrek relied on FM radio signals to receive live stock quotes. In the early 1980s, the FCC had approved the use of subbands to transmit data. Basically, local FM radio stations would piggyback the QuoTrek data on their signals.

Anyone have this problem with ? In the title bar it says how many calls were heard and how many should be listed in the roster, but the roster is empty. This is on Windows, version 1.21.1217.

Finally set this antenna up and hunted some (1 QSO) from the backyard. Pretty low horizontal, but I had handy hooks from a dog run we don't use.

Lots less noise vs the attic fan dipole!

Lead-acid battery and IC-7300 for portability.

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It works! Whipped up a bash script to start with screen and detach:

screen -dmS arNetSked python3 /home/pi/arNetSked/ -s ./arNetSked/example_sked.cfg -c W1CDN-1 -h -p 8001

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Found a chance to fool around with to send out scheduled beacons.

For some reason, I thought this required more fooling with direwolf, but it really just uses the host network connection.

@M0YNG I can get it down to ~7 kb in ogg with some stuff I don't understand in .

There's some native ways to encode tones right in ffmpeg*. Maybe I should be looking for a package and look at the file sizes that come out. This is just an MP3 from .


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