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It was suggested I post, and pin, a toot with information about what it costs to run this instance.
I like this, I want to be transparent, and I think it's important that the community have trust and confidence in me, and the hosting.

Currently the costs looks like this:

* £112.50 a year for a VPS
* €25.00 a year for the domain name

All media (avatars, etc.) are sotred on the server, we use 20G of 40G so far.

More details (and optional donations) at

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Should me and @krainboltgreene record a part two of the Mastodon 3.0 Patch Analysis video, going over the changed and removed items?

Part one here:

Salut, je me présente, @14FRS3613, je découvre le monde des radioamateurs depuis peu. Je m’intéresse aux ainsi qu'au .
A bientôt par ici, ou dans les airs ;-) 73's

One of the new features of mastdon v3 is the ability to list silenced/suspended.

users of can see them here:

Bonjour @14FRS3613 !

@14FRS3613 please toot an so we can get to know you 😀 add some hastags too so we know what interests you.

You can find more people in the instance in the directory
(you can opt into this too once you have 10 "friends", and add tags to your profile) and the local timeline.

And this list of radio amateurs on mastodon, may be of interest:

And there are apps!

Happy tooting!

I've had a ticket open with BrandMeister since 26th August and not had anything happen to it.

Does anyone know Mark Robinson or Rudy (PD0ZRY)? They are the two people who need to "approve" it apparently.

Or any other way to kick this?

Think I've "derisked" the main bits of going from RF to fediverse.

Next step will be different message types, then I'll try handling actual messages.

Nice explanation of how a post reaches one of your timelines.

APRS to Fediverse!

Should the accounts be;

* unlisted (so posts only show to followers)
* marked as bots (because a human isn't manually posting directly)

(you can pick both)

Something else?

For those who are unaware or unfamiliar, today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year! ✡️ This year is 5780 in the Hebrew calendar. 🧓

Tradition on Rosh Hashanah is to eat round foods, like 🍎 or 🥚, which symbolize life, and sweet foods, like those dipped in 🍯, which symbolize the hope for a sweet year!

Things you can say to wish people a happy new year: Shanah Tovah (lit. "A good year"), "chag sameach" ("happy holiday"), or just "happy new year"!

A sweet year and a long life, friends!

Aprs to Fediverse. Some questions (polls will follow based on this poll's outcome)

Considering anyone could just put your callsign in the "from" field, I don't think it's desirable to accept toots directly from aprs and put them info your main account.

So, should it be a new instance like, or a different account like

Looks like I'm going to be at the National Hamfest 🇬🇧 on Saturday.

Anyone else in the fediverse plan to be there?

Trying to use
Seems to work, I can connect from my phone and use the local network.

However, whenever I start the wire guard interface, my server loses Internet.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but can't spot what it would be.

This happens with, and without, having iptables in the up commands.

Got the APRS radio back in the shed.

I want to do cool stuff with it (like aprs to Fediverse) but not had the time yet.

It has battery backup of sorts, a 12v slab connected to a cheap "battery float charger", but it is quite rf noisy. Another thing to fix.

I also want to do some proper packet radio stuff, so I really should solder the other tnc pi kit and connect up radio number 2!

Instance Silence 

Instance Silence 

I've spoken to mythic beasts, the hosting company I use for

They were excellent (as usual) and helped me identify the data centre the vps lives in.

They also pointed me to the data centre's "clean energy" page:

TL;DR is (probably) powered by renewable energy from the UK national grid.


Today I have changed my gas tariff to carbon offset my gas usage too.

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