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πŸ˜” It's that time of the year when I think, "maybe I should turn the light on" in the morning

@M0YNG perhaps play from GitHub?
Mac hosted so probably not exactly what you are looking for, but it’s based on Icecast and that looks like it works anywhere.

Wonder if anyone can help me find some software...

A while ago I'm sure I came across a project that allowed a company with lots of remote workers to have a shared music station, where everyone could select music to play and everyone listened to the same stuff at the same time regardless of location.
It was suggested that this helped build community and team despite different physical locations.

But I can't find it now.
Does anyone else know if I imagined this?

@Powyssafety I think I forgot to welcome you when you joined. Apologies!

πŸ‘‹ Hello and welcome!

Really? That's awesome.

Advanced Class ham. First license in 1966. I'm an old HF operator trying to learn Satellite, digital and all things new. I learned my tech as vacuum tubes, but I'm slowly figuring out processors, programming, Arduino, raspberry pi, etc.

I love learning new things. 73

Hi all licensed since 2006. Just moving to intermediate - forced by M0PUH Matt! Mid Wales based. Interested in mobile 2M and HF FT8. Also pmr licensed and use internet radio on Inrico TM7 and T298S for work.

Yay! @WA5PSA is our 100th account on! I don't have any prizes... But please enjoy this balloon emoji!


I'm going to throw this out to the Fediverse, because I'm stumped. and won't play nicely together.
People can't follow each other, but it's fine if they already follow. And both instances can follow other instances.

Attempting to follow from to gets a HTTP 503 error after about 20s.

@dashie has helped me look at the logs, but I can't see anything.

Can anyone help or suggest?

@Gargron ?

I'm a retired oil industry engineer mainly interested in digital modes. My rigs are an Icom IC-7000 and an Elad FDM-DUO.

I'm a wireless networking engineer interested in software defined radio and digital modes.

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