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It was suggested I post, and pin, a toot with information about what it costs to run this instance.
I like this, I want to be transparent, and I think it's important that the community have trust and confidence in me, and the hosting.

Currently the costs looks like this:

* £112.50 a year for a VPS
* €25.00 a year for the domain name

All media (avatars, etc.) are sotred on the server, we use 20G of 40G so far.

More details (and optional donations) at

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Last Saturday I climbed (again) to foggy Serra Mitjana (EA5/AT-099) but this time I convinced friends to try a activation; I brought my Cobra Microtalk MT-600. I made 15 contacts, of which 4 qualified as "legal" PMR446 to-PMR446 contacts. Blog post

Does anyone know if it's possible to do object detection of static images on a raspberry pi?

I'm wondering if I can use an ai or something to tell me when the chickens have gone to bed.

Thinking a cron job that runs every 5 minutes and counts chickens in an image, if there are three for n checks we can assume they are in bed for the night and can be locked up.

Equally we could know they are awake and want letting out.

I'm finding lots of info on AI hardware...

Some promising news.

"The first data on the UK Covid vaccine rollout suggests it is having a "spectacular" impact on stopping serious illness, researchers say.

Within weeks, one shot reduces the risk of being admitted to hospital by at least three-quarters for the over 80s."

#COVID19 #UK #Vaccinations

UK politics, covid 

I'm really bored of being drip fed announcements.

This morning we have the news telling us what will be announced in 12 hours time. But we don't know for sure until it is announced.

And this is the announcement that was announced days ago.

Yet other times we have announcements that just happen and take effect immediately (like lockdown and schools closing)

A trusted person was asking for signal boost for this.

A comrade is needing funds for their top surgery :trans_heart:

Healthcare for trans folks is totally inadequate in the UK, forcing many to go private.

Please donate and boost if you can.

#mutualaid :boost_ok:

I'm about to change the nameservers for to mythic-beasts who also host the VPS.

It's possible this may cause some disruption, but it shouldn't.

Now we have on What's a cool thing to do with it?
(Other than talk to people obviously) users!

I've (hopefully) got ejabberd running on!

If you want to give it a try, connect to using your client of choice and your mastodon credentials (thanks to @mike for the magic sauce that does this)

Feel free to ping me a message and we can see if this thing is working as intended.

Decided to change my plans for a trap dipole to a no-tune EFHW design since the trap dipole would have been just under 4 meters high and thus a cloudwarmer. However, if I mount an 80m inverted-L EFHW at the same height (so a mostly horizontal inverted-L), could I still get decent low-angle radiation at 40m and higher frequencies?

Also, does anyone know if a loading coil is used for 80m for the above antenna (so like 75 ft total), would it still radiate on the 80m harmonics?

I was wondering if anyone had resources on amateur radios, including theory, hardware, regulations, and whatnot...

I feel like it would be a cool project to take on, and a good way to take a breath away from internet.

Again had a 5W SSB/Voice QSO today. This time, I am 600kms away from my station desk that has my SDR and the laptop. My laptop running sdr software and the desktop (both running Debian) connects via tinc vpn and then to talk to the radio which is on the home router subnet, I wrote a small Go program that sits as a middleman and passes packets to radio and the SDR software (which is running on my laptop). Soon, I will automate this further to run it on a Raspberry pi with IP based power switches.

Does anyone of you own a Hermes Lite 2 SDR TRX? I just ordered one and am looking for a PA. 50W would make me happy.

I've had another project idea I'll probably never make.

I know you can get Power Pole distribution things for taking your PSU/battery and sharing it with multiple radios.
(obviously power poles are the best connector for this)

I'd like to add something like an ESP32 and some relays so you can control the power to your radio via e.g. WiFi

I often operate my radio on data via VNC, and it would be nice to be able to turn it on and off as required rather than leaving it running 24/7

I saw someone post about using old browsers and old computers and how even the simplest HTTP sites were now out of the reach of these because HTTPS just doesn't work.

So, I've changed my website to not redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

Related? I've also now set up a Hidden Service.

Now you can view my website over:
* Gopher gopher://
* Gemini gemini://
* TOR jmtp5ljchlww4vedleoqeysjx6pjlo

A question for instance admins.

Why did you choose the software you did?
(Eg mastodon, pleroma, misskey, etc)

Would you still make the same choice now, after running your server for a while?

For me, I chose mastodon because it was the most complete and professional looking that I knew of.

I like the design choices of longer but not massive message length, no quote toots, etc.

I'd probably choose it again, but I'd also shop around more seriously first.

I kind of regret the domain name though, I think it would be better to not tie so closely to the software.

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A question for instance admins.

Why did you choose the software you did?
(Eg mastodon, pleroma, misskey, etc)

Would you still make the same choice now, after running your server for a while?

tory scum, covid, genocidal policy 

Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities | Coronavirus | The Guardian

tories attempting genocide upon disabled people, again

Does there exist some sort of cyber deck packet radio combo?

I'm wondering about some sort if "road warrior" for accessing and serving stuff over packet radio.

A TNC used to be big, but with direwolf and single board computers and usb-c doing power delivery at 15v it feels like you could make a chunky but compact and portable complete packet node.

Hamradio adjacent 

Most people that in my opinion do interesting RF stuff, do the hamradio thing only on the side or as a jumping off point.

Hamradio itself seems boring to me currently and looking at the boards and on youtube mainly seems to be about which rig to buy.

Don't get me wrong, I am also prone to that, but it feels like this is missing out on so much.

Where is the cool stuff going on in ham radio currently?

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