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Has someone asked you to "caption your image" or "add a text description" or "use alt text" and you're not sure what that is, or how?

This page is here to help!

Covers most (all?) Android apps, web interfaces, and TUI/CLIs that I know about.

(I know that not everyone can describe things, and that's ok! This page is here to help people who want to but don't know how, or want some tips.)

Deep links should work, e.g. for @Tusky

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Update! costs:

* £277.80 for the VPS
* €25 for the domain

This provides 8G RAM, 2 CPUs, 160G of storage (we're using around 69G right now but have been bouncing off the previous 81G limit)

More details (and optional donations) at

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Can anyone help identify the device in the upper left of this photo? It looks similar to the SB-620 Scanalyzer, but doesn't have enough knobs. The panel is also a different green to the rest of my SB-series equipment.

friends in USA, print this out, and post it in your workplace and around your neighbourhood!

The £ is weak against the $, so if anyone in the USA wanted to contribute to the running costs of, now would be a good time to make your $ go further. No requirement, just a thought.

Shoulder injury update 

Got a new e-bike, wiped out on the corner by my house coming back from the first ride.
Graze on my left knee, hands saved by gloves, but must have hit hard with my right as it dislocated my shouldter. Having the x-ray was agony.

It's nearly 24 hours since my shoulder was put back in place. Mostly it's muscles that hurt in some positions now.
Have a sling for a few days, about 2 weeks to resume normal stuff, but can take 12+ weeks to fully recover.

I'm in hospital on morphere and entonox with a dislocated shoulder AMA

Got a "professional weather station" (I've wanted one that does wind and rain for years) and obviously I'm not using the display but sucking up the data via rtl_sdr attached to my Home Assistant.

It's branded Moonraker but is actually made by Shenzhen Fine Offset Electronics Co., Ltd

Well, OK, I did use the display to confirm it was transmitting data

Today I learned that there is a Pi-Star fork from EA7EE that includes many improvements for YSF.

Anyone uses this variant or has an optinion on it?

Hello everyone,

My name is Christian, a relicensed ham (20 years ago my call sign was KG6FDA). Since I live in São Paulo I mainly operate SOTA and sometimes from my balcony (if the conditions allow it: Signals have to be above my S9 noise floor and coming in from Europe between the other Skyscrapers).

:alex_thinking: I've got this idea in my head and @dzuk has made versions of all our Alex emoji suitable for printing as physical stickers :alex_partying:

A 3cm eco sticker costs about £1 to print, or £1.10 for holographic! Cut to shape, indoor use only.

The full Alex stickers (4cm wide) look like this after a year on my laptop.

Does anyone want me to order some and send you them?
Can post in the UK easily, international costs £1.70

So we've begun to create a Fediverse multi protocol digital voice network:

This network so far only includes TGIF DMR and Yaesu Fusion System. What do you want to see also included? What other way of accessing the Fediverse voice chat would you prefer?

Brandmeister DMR?
Something else?

Any help or suggestions are welcome. Also if someone would like to run a reflector/TG/whatever and have it bridged with the existing ones.

Just had a great chat with @michael via DMR at my end and YSF at theirs.

We're plotting to expand the "federated" digital voice TalkGroups/Reflectors/Rooms/Conferences which can be linked together, letting us all chat regardless of what radios we have.

The (short) list is at

About to leave the house to activate Buck Mountain ( W2/GA-077) in the Adirondack Park ( K-2001).

We were a geomagnetic storm earlier so I hope conditions stay good for the rest of the day. Yesterday was a RF freak show from the sun.

Anyone else got a radio :radio_handheld: that they can't program in ?

Yeah, me too.

I've been using DMRconfig (originally by Serge Vakulenko KK6ABQ now OpenRTX) for command line programming

But I've JUST discovered Hannes, DM3MAT's which is a GUI :alex_partying:

Really feeling the autumn vibes this year. Today was the first time we were out after dark without being out late and I was reminded how much I enjoy the lights.
Looking forward to Halloween! 🎃 💀 👻

Hello everyone. New to this platform. I am sure there will be a learning curve for me.

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