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@adamd Character recognition while reading is subconscious. At 7.5 WPM, you may be training THINKING as a means of character recognition. This will limit you to about 12 WPM unless you untrain the thinking later. is the alternative. Shameless plug: Scroll down to "What is that "Koch method"?"

Tonight, my IC-705 halfed output power when extended transmissions caused the PA to overheat (80 m, only 5 W, SWR 2 antenna, 19°C room). I found the hot spot BELOW THE BATTERY.

Why does the manual ask me to keep the battery attached even when using an external supply? Probably so I cannot touch that hot surface. 😖

A 10 W rig should be able to deliver 5 W continuously, but the IC-705 doesn't. This and the obsolete 2,4 GHz Wifi are flaws of this generally fine rig.

My usual Z-match needs a repair. To stay QRV, I built an emergency tuner for 80 m.

Principle: A too-short dipole antenna is brought into resonance with some "primary" turns on a powder iron core. Add "secondary" turns to transform to 50 Ω. Those turn the primary into a transformer, so it looses some of its inductance. Add more primary windings. Now the secondary winding is too small, so add some windings there...

Takes hours, but works. I lost patience at about SWR 2.

is a fun mode. If you are into chatting, you may like it. Reaches as far as FT8, but allows contacts as ragchewy as you want them. Plus message store+forward features.

There's a world-wide 24h JS8 party starting 2021-11-13 at 19 UTC, with some special "party games" on 80 m on Saturday evening (mostly for central Europe). See .

The climate catastrophy kills many people and ruins many more. To let the hothouse earth scenario happen is madness, both ethically and an economically. We MUST change our policies to stay clear of the global tilting point. Join the climate strike tomorrow!

Sorry for the repeat. This was supposed to be an answer, but apparently not connected to what I wanted to answer. Still practicing Mastodon!

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You may know to calculate a certain L has an impedance of, say, j10 Ω, for some frequency.

Now take a quality factor, say, 5.

That L in parallel with 10Ω*5 = 50Ω, or that L in series with 10Ω/5 = 2 Ω will behave virtually identically.

So, if you have an antenna that gives you 2 Ω: Connect it in series with that L. You'll get the equivalent of 50 Ω resistence with that L in parallel. (!)

Now cancel the L with an appropriate C, and you are left with 50 Ω.

That's how those antenna tuners work.

Unser kostenloser Onlinekurs für die Amateurfunkprüfung startet am 29.4.. Klasse E, Klasse A, Aufstieg von E nach A: wird alles angeboten. Der Kurs ist kostenlos und soll bis Ende November laufen. Gerne an potentielle Interessenten weitersagen! Details

(German license course.)

Die 10 größten CO2-Quellen in der EU 2020:

🇵🇱 Belchatów
🇩🇪 Neurath (RWE)
🇩🇪 Jänschwalde (LEAG)
🇩🇪 Niederaußem (RWE)
🇩🇪 Weissweiler (RWE)
🇵🇱 Kozienice
🇩🇪 Schwarze Pumpe (LEAG)
🇵🇱 Opole
🇩🇪 Boxberg (LEAG)
🇦🇹 Stahl Linz

Geile Idee, die Kohle bis 2038 zu verlängern, @ArminLaschet.

Wenn I finally became QRV on on 30 m, mine was one of four stations worldwide QRV and connected to PSKReporter. One of the other three reported hearing my signal.

I sense a chicken+egg problem with JS8 and 30 m...

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Sorry: Forgot about another obligation and cannot do this.

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Intend to become QRV about 16UTC today on 30 m from JO32sk, with my mediocre QRP signal as usual.

Richtig gut: hat die Bundestags-Abgeordneten angerufen, deren Handynummern seit dem jüngsten Datenleck von Facebook öffentlich sind und diesen damit die Problematik verdeutlicht:

Etwas für tun und dabei noch Spaß mit dem Fahrrad auf der Autobahn haben fühlte sich gut an. Ich hätte mir aber bei der Start- und Abschlusskundgebung mehr "beim Thema bleiben" gewünscht. Gefordert wurden u.a.: Alle Nationalstaaten abschaffen, Verzicht auf Wasserstofftechnologie, kompletter Wirtschaftsshutdown statt Lockdown. Ich wollte eigentlich zu einer Demo zu "A100 und Verkehrswende" und fühle mich durch solche themenfremden und extremen Forderungen NICHT vertreten.

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🏆📈🏆  421.36 ppm in Earth’s atmosphere on April 8, 2021 🏆 HIGHEST EVER daily average at the Mauna Loa Observatory 🏆 Up from 416.96 ppm a year ago 🏆 source: 🏆 records: 🌍😰 😰🌍

Wolltest Du immer schon Funkamateur werden? Oder hast schon Klasse E und willst auf Klasse A hoch?

Ende April fängt ein Online-Kurs an .

Vermittelt wird die "große" Klasse A in einem guten halben Jahr. Machbar für Leute mit naturwissenschaftlichen Kenntnissen oder guter Lernfähigkeit oder viel Zeit zum Lernen oder wenn jemand schon Klasse E hat. Wem das alles fehlt, besser woanders Klasse E lernen.


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