I finally managed to work 100 confirmed entities :) My new adventures will be working QRP with my recently purchased FT-817ND and building a small PA for the times I need a small boost.

uBitx v6 modifications, Part III: 3D printed knobs (I like VFO knobs with a finger recess) and chassis tilt bails

uBitx v6 modifications, Part II: Since the AGC board has a S-Meter tap, the next mod was obvious :) The S-Meter of a dead Yaesu FT-290R was a perfect fit for the uBitx case and I think it looks nice.

uBitx v6 modifications, Part I: The uBitx is a very nice radio but the missing AGC is an ear killer. I decided to purchase an AGC board from kit-projects and soldered it onto the radio main board. It's tiny and I was afraid to damage something but it turned out fine.

qrzlogger (github.com/exitnode/qrzlogger) is now installable via pip:

# python3 -m pip install qrzlogger

All this Python packaging is new to me so I hope it works.

I am thrilled how far you can get with 4w transmission power (SSB / Phone). The uBitx is a surprisingly nice TRX! The map shows the result after a few evenings of operating the uBitx.

I'm in the progress of developing a Python command line application to log QSOs directly into the QRZ.com logbook.

It's still in its early phase (started today) but it is already able to query call sign data from qrz, list all previous QSOs with that call, ask the user for QSO data and then upload the QSO via the API.

There is no input validation or hamlib/flrig integration implemented yet but it's kinda usable - on an alpha level.

I received and built my new uBitx v6 QRP transceiver yesterday. Connected to a lipo battery and the 4-BTV vertical it gave me a few QSOs with Bosnia, Denmark, Poland and Austria. Very impressed so far!

The first mod will be the addition of an AGC.

I finally fixed some issues with the BITX40 and had my first QSO with it today (YU1XA, report 55) - two years after I purchased the kit. There are still some issues but I am on the right track.

The Hustler 4-BTV is up and running :) Please ignore the cable routing - this will be improved. Next goal is a DIY 17m add-on.

After my failed attempt to bring up the G7FEK I decided to also take down the 40m EndFed and to try something completely different. I purchased a Hustler 4-BTV, lots of wire and two bags of concrete. Status: The installation of the "mast" is finished and I managed to bury 26 radials - which was no fun at all.

This weekend I’ll try to bring up the G7FEK antenna. Not sure if I’m able to provide the necessary height or to place the pretty long radials in a good way but I think it is worth a try.

I‘ll test my recently purchased TH-D72 tonight at around 21:00UTC when there seems to be a good ISS pass. Someone interested in trying an APRS qso? Will be my first try so chances aren’t high it will work.

This is how my noise floor situation was over the last 24h.
Red line up: Station unusable.
Red line down: Mike pick-up time
I wonder if tomorrow will look similar.

Thanks again @SM0RVV, this looks nice (if you ignore the fact that the interference is not so nice):

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