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to I'm a newly licensed (July 19) amateur radio operator from Germany. My callsign is DL6MHC. I work in the field of information security, like to photograph on film, play games on 8-bit computers, support the FSFE, play chess (very unsuccessful) and prefer a command line over a GUI. Thanks for having me :)

I finally fixed some issues with the BITX40 and had my first QSO with it today (YU1XA, report 55) - two years after I purchased the kit. There are still some issues but I am on the right track.

Does anyone know how to receive alerts via POCSAG in the case of 10m or 6m band openings?

Update on the new Hustler 4-BTV: Was able to work JH3NGD on 40m yesterday! I am very impressed with the 40m performance of this antenna.

There is no other feeling like the one you have when - in the middle of the night, while everyone else is sleeping, sitting in the dimly lit basement in front of the radio - you hear a station located on an exotic island thousands of kilometers away finally say your call sign and then you press PTT to share the frequency with a stranger who shares the same passion with you.

The Hustler 4-BTV is up and running :) Please ignore the cable routing - this will be improved. Next goal is a DIY 17m add-on.

After my failed attempt to bring up the G7FEK I decided to also take down the 40m EndFed and to try something completely different. I purchased a Hustler 4-BTV, lots of wire and two bags of concrete. Status: The installation of the "mast" is finished and I managed to bury 26 radials - which was no fun at all.

My G7FEK antenna adventure did not end well. Even after increasing the height of the fiber mast to 8,4m, the 7,4m ladder line was too long. The mast flexed a lot and I was not able to bring up the 80m side of the wire high enough to compensate this. I even tried to throw/shoot some rope over my house's roof to just pull it up there but i failed at it :/

This weekend I’ll try to bring up the G7FEK antenna. Not sure if I’m able to provide the necessary height or to place the pretty long radials in a good way but I think it is worth a try.

So I moved all my github repos into a self hosted gitea instance but did not made the final switch. There is a social aspect to those big git hoster I fear to maybe miss after the switch. What are your thoughts? Where do you host your projects? And if not on a mainstream platform - why so?

Does anyone of you own a Hermes Lite 2 SDR TRX? I just ordered one and am looking for a PA. 50W would make me happy.

Did not work and don’t know why not. Will try again tomorrow night

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I‘ll test my recently purchased TH-D72 tonight at around 21:00UTC when there seems to be a good ISS pass. Someone interested in trying an APRS qso? Will be my first try so chances aren’t high it will work.

This mighty little device tunes my heavily shortened EndFed antenna (15,5m long) to 160m 😮 I'm somehow unexpectedly QRV on 160m now. Oh and I forgot to give credits to the creator of this project:

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Is there any ham radio dealer in the EU that accepts BTC?

This is how my noise floor situation was over the last 24h.
Red line up: Station unusable.
Red line down: Mike pick-up time
I wonder if tomorrow will look similar.

Thanks again @SM0RVV, this looks nice (if you ignore the fact that the interference is not so nice):

I’m developing a small python tool that monitors my TRXs S-Meter in order to document when the noise floor goes up and down. Goal is to correlate the data to find the noise source. The s level is stored into a SQLite database but now I want to generate nice graphs to make the times of interference visible. Anyone knows a good way to do this with python?

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