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to I'm a newly licensed (July 19) amateur radio operator from Germany. My callsign is DL6MHC. I work in the field of information security, like to photograph on film, play games on 8-bit computers, support the FSFE, play chess (very unsuccessful) and prefer a command line over a GUI. Thanks for having me :)

My mastodon user name is obviously my call sign. Well, it was. I applied for the new call sign DK1MI which was assigned to me today.

What are my options? Is a mastodon user name changeable?

Sometimes I want to share a short video clip - most of the time it's amateur radio related. I'd like to avoid using Youtube for this. Is there a nice video sharing platform / peer tube instance you can recommend to me?

Had some portable fun today in a local park. Worked multiple EU stations including a portable one. Weather could have been better but everything else was nice.

I am thinking about writing a CLI DX cluster client with a TUI in Python. Besides a nice colorful output depending on band and mode, I'd like to have a feature that filters/marks DXCC entities that have been already worked/confirmed - maybe even just for this band/mode. A simple scheduled QSL download from lotw would deliver the necessary data.

Would anyone be interested in using and/or co-developing such application?

I wonder what a 10" android tablet would consume (fully charged, supplied with power)

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I am looking for a small computer system with the following specs:

* cheap
* screen <=10"
* very low power consumption
* linux based
* only used for SSHing to other places
* battery not necessary

I am using an old Asus eepc 701 for this purpose right now but it draws 16W on idle, 3,5W in standby. My issues: power consumption, keyboard a bit too small.

Any ideas?

Today I had my first real QSO with a VK station and got a 57 report. I am still amazed that my voice can be heard 16000km away from where I am located and that this is possible with just a simple antenna, a 100W radio and the help of the ionosphere.

Wir betreiben 80 Tor-Instanzen auf 4 Servern und machen damit auch ganz gut Traffic. Wir müssen aber bald anfangen zu sparen oder wir finden ~15 neue Fördermitglieder ‒ hier ist unser Mitgliedsantragsformular: #rc3 #Tor #onion

My tiny ham radio HF portable Go Kit (pen for scale). Includes:

power lead
antenna cables

This should help me not to forget something the next time I'll go /p ;)

Today I went out for some portable HF operation with the new (tr)uSDX. Made three inner-European SSB contacts on 40m and am very happy with the results. Antenna was a HF-P1.

I‘ll now build something like a tiny go box so I can just grab it any time without having to think about the single components.

Sommer will be fun!

Today I’ve finished my (tr)uSDX build, flashed the firmware, attached it to a vertical, powered it via USB, found a CQing station from Belgium on 40m and had one of my greatest QSOs so far. Output power was 0,5W, Mode LSB and I used the internal mic and speaker. What an incredible device!

Wow, 991 Spiele für 10$ (plus Spende) im Bundle! 🤯

Darunter so tolle Sachen wie Celeste, A Short Hike, Baba is you, etc.

@F1RUM I received the money from namecheap for my domain last night and just ordered the IC-7300 😀

I've started to abuse Amazon for browsing articles, getting inspirations, reading (hopefully non-fake) reviews and finding out what a solid price for an article is. Then I buy my stuff somewhere else.

This USB port is perfectly placed to be used for a flexible LED lamp :)

Last night I started my DIY 50W HF PA project with modifying a large 19“ housing into a smaller one. The LPF board felt a bit lost in the huge case that also would not fit into my remote shack server rack.

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