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to I'm a newly licensed (July 19) amateur radio operator from Germany. My callsign is DL6MHC. I work in the field of information security, like to photograph on film, play games on 8-bit computers, support the FSFE, play chess (very unsuccessful) and prefer a command line over a GUI. Thanks for having me :)

There must be a better solution than this. Any ideas how I could fix the fan on the heat sink?

Look what came!

I have @alex stickers!

Would you like one?
I think it would cost me around £2 to send internationally, so if you were to donate at least that much and give me an address to send it to I will try my best to send you a free sticker to say thank you for helping to keep our instance running.

PayPal to should work...
You can make an ongoing contribution via too

Thanks again to @Anna for her great art!

Today I once again fell in love with the 817. With just 5w I was able to work multiple European entities on 2m SSB. At home my VHF radius is more or less 50km. The QTH was very nice and the weather optimal.

SDR TRX + VPN = Awesome! I added a rpi3 to my home network, moved it into the DMZ, set up some firewall rules and installed Wireguard on the pi. With the SDR software on the laptop I can now dial into my home network and establish a connection with the Hermes Lite. Just had my first remote SDR QRP QSO with F4IXL/P and am pretty impressed how nicely it worked.

Oh and maybe a set of regular qso log pages (1 line per QSO) for unpersonal but somewhat special contacts, e.g. new DXCC, band etc.

Will I regret not having logged all the mechanical QSOs? Would you be interested in a DIN A5 (or half letter format) template for this?

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Default 59-73 QSOs would then not be logged any more. What are your thoughts?

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To the ham radio operators among us: Do you log each and every QSO? I am doing this at the moment but it feels a bit more like a burden than benefitial. I am thinking of switching from an electronic log to a paper log which is not focused on QSOs but on the other OM/YL. An idea would be a ring binder with custom paper sheets where one or more pages are dedicated to one OM/YL. On this page i would take notes on what has been discussed, when and with what reports.

The DIY 1/4 wave 20m vertical works like a charm! A very nice antenna for unbeatable 20€ which gave me good reports from G and PT during the tests.

Today the QRP guys tri band antenna kit finally arrived - after 2,5 months of USPS shipping. This one will be compared with the HF-P1 very soon.

After many years of inactivity I finally was out for a proper bike ride. One side quest was to find a nice place for portable HF operations. This place looks good: bench, tree, solid post for antenna mounting and no surrounding hills etc.

Today I did a little hike, was on the Schweinsberg tower and was rewarded with a great view and some nice QSOs 🙂

Welcome to Germany:

That's what happens when your mother accidentally activates "mobile data" on her cell phone.

Fun Fact 1: The 50MB was generated by ads from a free games app.

Fun fact 2: There is of course 19% VAT on top of that.

50MB. 450 €. 2021.

Three years ago today I registered the domain

To celebrate our birthday I am super excited to reveal our new mascot @alex!

@Atsuko has done an amazing job at bringing them to life and we have a server banner too!

More birthday surprises to come...

PS: I don't need any money to keep our instance running or pay for this great art, but if you want to help I'll be able to buy that raspberry pi 4...

Ok, I promise: This is the last pic of the Hardrock 50 I‘ll toot :)

Last night I completed the build of the Hardrock 50. Thanks to the awesome documentation it was very enjoyable and easy to do.

I forked the Hugo theme "smol" and released it as "amberterm". If you see it, you know why it is named like that ;)

The theme includes the additional files to automatically generate a Gemini capsule from your Hugo markdown files.

More information here:

...and of course here: gemini://

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