@M0YNG The use case is to heat a server rack that is basically outdoors but useful. I would only run it in winter. A Pi is already in the rack but what I need is heat :)

I have an admittedly strange question: I am looking for a rackmountable device that does not cost much, generates heat, makes somehow sense or is at least fun and doesn't contain sensitive data. Maybe a small server running folding@home or maybe something else. Well it does not have to be rack mountable, but it would be an advantage. Any ideas?

@dl5psy Very nice! I wish you a lot of fun with it. Our QTHs seem to be quite close: I live in the Unterland.

Finally managed to have all tools and info in one window with the help of tmux. The following data is now available while logging QSOs (bottom of the screen, left to right):

* selected band on the PA
* PEP/Average Power of last transmission
* SWR during last transmission
* temperature reported by the PA

* temperature/humidity inside the rack
* outside temperature/humidity

Data of the power amplifier is queried via a serial port, temp/humidity is gathered with two DHT22 sensors via GPIO pins.

I know - the soldered connections are suboptimal but I struggled with melting plastic ...

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This won’t win a beauty contest but it works ;) A 3D printable power pole distributor which is cheap and rack mountable. The top is not my design, the bottom is a remix of two other designs.

Thanks to Bill, AK3Q, my Hermes lite 2 now has a interface for the Hardrock-50. He gave them away for free to a lot of people. Highly appreciated, very happy!

Does anyone of you know a 3D printable design for a PowerPole distributor that has 8 to 10 pairs of PowerPole connectors, thingies to mount the distributor with screws to the underlying surface and as a bonus a fuse holder?

@F1RUM @n3jln habe you considered using github.com/F4HTB/Universal_Ham ?

I had success running it with my FT-450D. Runs on a rpi.

In the end, all solutions to remote operate a standard rig seem to be either suboptimal or expensive.

@vu3rdd very nice :) Please keep me in the loop when you test it, okay?

@vu3rdd Thanks for the link! Very interesting and affordable stuff there like the remote antenna switch.

@F1RUM if you’d like to start one, I would a) use it and b) able to contribute an opml file with many many ham radio RSS feeds I found on the net somewhere. Hosting it would also be no problem.

After I finally connected my garden house to the GAN (garden area network) I am now starting a little experiment. Moved my Hermes Lite 2 SDR into the garden house, added a network enabled remote antenna switch and put everything in a plastic box on the inner side of the wall, right there where my antennas are placed outside. This is now a remote operated station but still on the property with shorter coax cables, better grounding options and reduced pot. lightning damage. Feels weird but fun.

@F1RUM don’t get me wrong - I am very interested. But for this money I’d like to send in the device to a local vendor/shop for warranty repairs or other issues. I had a G90 before and was happy but if it would have had problems, I am not sure if Xiegu would have helped me in a timely manner - or at all. With radios like the G1M and its price, I feel different.

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