@imageschaden @Tecci ohne Gummihammer wurde es bei mir nichts. Etwas Frustbewältigung ist inklusive :)

@imageschaden @Tecci Ich habe meinen damals bei 60 Grad in den Ofen gelegt, zwischendurch eingefettet und schließlich mit einem Gummihammer weich geklopft. Danach nachspannen und bei den ersten Fahrten eine schwarze Hose tragen, bis der Sattel nicht mehr abfärbt :)

@F1RUM I know it's annoying but I think you might have to wait for a while. Bought a small microphone adapter from an ukrainian seller on ebay 2 or 3 months ago and it took 5 weeks from the Ukraine to Germany. Guess it's pretty much corona related.

Are there any interesting DMR TGs one might want to monitor? And - since I'm considering to purchase a FT-70DE - are there any nice Fusion/Wires-X/whatevertheyarecalled rooms?

I’m using a duplexer with my arrow antenna for SAT operations atm. Will switch to 2 HTs, one for RX with headphones and one for TX. I want to record either the RX or the TX audio for easier logging. Any thoughts on how to do this? Both HTs lack a recording feature

Today I finally had my first succeful satellite QSO! The other operator was maritime mobile, the satellite was SO-50. I nearly messed up when I lost the satellite during the QSO while manually holding the arrow antenna. Is there a good solution for mounting the arrow II antenna on a tripod?

@F1RUM Congrats! Was one of the best purchases in this hobby. I replaced my shortenend end fed with a full size halfe wave wire for 40m yesterday, tuned it with the NanoVNA and had some awesome QSOs :)

@KC3OWU yes, it's intended for helping the fediverse connect over dmr, not just mastodon.radio users.


Using an AnyTone here, but I also have a Baofeng that I'm working on hacking some codeplug software to use on Linux, not working yet though!

I hear good things about opengd, I'd very much like open source firmware if I could find a 77 to buy (for a sensible price!)

Here’s my attempt to provide a RSS feed for Germany’s ARD Teletext: exitnode.net/ard_teletext.xml code is beta and can be found here: github.com/exitnode/teletext-r

Paper Certificate and the (for Europeans) rather exotic frame finally arrived 🎉

I learned a valuable lesson: after 2h of not being able to break up any pileup by selecting interesting stations from dx cluster spots, I decided to manually search the bands. A US station came on air, I was able to work him with a report of 59 and only seconds after he was spotted and hell brake loose. A minute later and I would not have had any chance to come through. A new state for me and a new insight: Be the first and you can work what seemed unworkable.

I started reading ham radio magazines, on a monthly basis which came out exctly 50 years ago. This month's issue: The 73 Magazine from June 1970: ia800702.us.archive.org/27/ite

Is there any free or even open source COM port emulator/splitter for Windows 10 available? I'm using "Virtual Serial Port Emulator" from Eterlogic at the moment but am interested in alternatives.

@M0YNG Thank you! The Arduino tells you which antenna is selected after switching to an antenna or when you open the URL without any parameters. If you are interested, here is the code (copy paste theft from various inetrnet sources): gist.github.com/exitnode/26b67

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