I learned a valuable lesson: after 2h of not being able to break up any pileup by selecting interesting stations from dx cluster spots, I decided to manually search the bands. A US station came on air, I was able to work him with a report of 59 and only seconds after he was spotted and hell brake loose. A minute later and I would not have had any chance to come through. A new state for me and a new insight: Be the first and you can work what seemed unworkable.

I started reading ham radio magazines, on a monthly basis which came out exctly 50 years ago. This month's issue: The 73 Magazine from June 1970: ia800702.us.archive.org/27/ite

Is there any free or even open source COM port emulator/splitter for Windows 10 available? I'm using "Virtual Serial Port Emulator" from Eterlogic at the moment but am interested in alternatives.

@M0YNG Thank you! The Arduino tells you which antenna is selected after switching to an antenna or when you open the URL without any parameters. If you are interested, here is the code (copy paste theft from various inetrnet sources): gist.github.com/exitnode/26b67

Finally managed to install the antenna switch in the attic. For controlling it remotely, I use an old Arduino with Ethernet shield. Since the antenna switch needs 12V for triggering its relais, a 4 channel relais module is needed to convert the high signal from 5v to 12v. The Arduino takes simple HTTP GET requests for choosing the desired antenna. Now I can switch to any antenna from the shack via the network without a dedicated control cable 👍

Just look at this beautiful hand crafted QSL card! It’s also very special because it confirms my first Hell (rag chew) QSO with a very nice OM. Thank you Eric, F4FAP!

Can you please help me understand how thos works? If an EU station works a Hawaiian station at 6:00 UTC on 20m - which path probably went the communication?

The Fritzel works great. Yesterday a spanish OM told me, that the Fritzel does 10dB more over my EndFed (10m SSB) and now this: Hawaii on 20m (FT4) with a report of -13 :)

Today is the day my new Fritzel GPA-30 will be installed on the roof. Can’t wait to compare it with my EndFed!

@vu3rdd My recommendation if you want to buy ebooks for your Kindle at Amazon: Remove DRM from your Kindle ebooks and convert them in any format you like (e.g. with Calibre). Here's a tutorial: medium.com/@michelle_z./free-k

@Wilfred If I understood your toot right, I am pretty much in the same situation :( Very sorry to hear that and wish you and your family all the necessary strength.

@M0YNG My conclusion so far: The GD77 looks and feels more toy-ish than e.g. the Retevis RT3S but the software is worth it. Had some QSOs yesterday and got good audio reports.

@M0YNG I'm not sure yet. It feels a little cheaper than the Retevis RT3S, the display is not color but b&w (what i prefer) and i had no audio report so far. I'll let you know when i come to a conclusion. What's great is the superior software which allows setup mic gain, use the HT as DMR Hotsport, Talker Alias etc.

@M0YNG the fact that the fw is open source gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :)

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