I forked the Hugo theme "smol" and released it as "amberterm". If you see it, you know why it is named like that ;)

The theme includes the additional files to automatically generate a Gemini capsule from your Hugo markdown files.

More information here: qrz.is/gemini-amberterm/

...and of course here: gemini://qrz.is/gemini-amberte

@vu3rdd Thank you very much for the details. I was asking because I have similar problems but did not have found the source(s) yet.

@F1RUM very nice! I used a similar antenna as the last one for 1,5 years and was very happy with it. The only downsides were that it didn’t really fit into the garden and that it picked up too much noise in my environment. Have fun!

@M0YNG yes, I think so too. When I have received and built my Hardrock 50 PA, I will connect it directly to the battery. Downside is that there will be no low voltage protection in this case.

Discovered this service recently, a finger-based social network


finger aw@happynetbox.com

If you need a finger client and have rustc installed, you can use this: git.alexwennerberg.com/misc/tr

@F1RUM Sounds like a solid solution. This tool looks nice, too:


Haven't tried it but i looks like you can provide a css file to make the html version a little prettier.

@F1RUM I will send you the links when I am back home. I mixed the information of two tutorials for my site. You can find the source here: git.qrz.is/clemens/qrz.is/

@F1RUM @W8HF I am ready :)

How do you call in Gemini language the equivalent of a website and a page? Capsule? Gemini space?

Please welcome me to the community of gemini site owners: gemini://qrz.is

It is 100% automatically generated by Hugo from the same sources as qrz.is.

That is great fun!

I relaunched my personal website after I figured out how to handle the imprint obligation (Impressumspflicht). The new home can be found here: qrz.is

Furthermore, I moved my GitHub repos to git.qrz.is. Still looking for the best method for notifying GitHub visitors about the new location.

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