The DIY 30m dipole made it over the pond 😀 DL6MHC (JN49) --> VO1NC (GN38) via FT8

I successfully moved my logbook to (self-hosted) so I'm finally able to migrate to a Linux desktop in the shack. The following diagram shows how it might look.

blue=local software
yellow=web services
dashed lines=no solution yet

What are your thoughts? How would you log from fldigi and flwkey to Cloudlog?

@M0YNG Never was on 30m before but it was said to be a nice band for CW. That's why decided to build an antenna. 30m is digimode/CW only so there is no SSB activity. One additional feature: no contests are allowed on WARC bands. This band feels like 20m but also opens at night. I only tried FT8 and heard stations from the US, south america, falkland islands, japan, australia etc. but worked only european stations so far.

@M0YNG Thank you!

Yes, saw the picture of the broken mast 🙁 hope you find a solution to be qrv again soon.

New blog entry on how to build the shortened 30m dipole I tooted a few days ago:

@dl4mat Sure - and I'm practicing e.g. with lcwo and but don't you think it would be fun to practice with real hams from all over the world? You would anyway need a device like the morserino as a sound generator so you would be heard over the phone.

I opened a ticket with to create a new conference room dedicated to Morse code training. There's now the new room 313 for hams who like to learn Morse or to improve their cw skills.

GitHub - sovereign/sovereign: A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain your own private cloud: email, calendar, contacts, file sync, IRC bouncer, VPN, and more. -

Had fun last night making a shortened 30m dipole based on the calculations of OE1MEW. If everything goes well, I’ll be QRV on 30m this weekend 😊

@Cedara @nocci mit Büchern von No Starch Press lag ich bisher noch nie falsch. Du kannst auf der Seite sich ein Probe Kapitel lesen

@M0YNG if you could spare some time, it would be great trying to call me again. Wasn't in the shack when you tried yesterday

The Open CW Keyer is a great little device. Open source hard- and software - like it always should be.

@M0YNG Thank you - will try to call in there in about an hour or so

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