I have a problem understanding how DX clusters work: There are different software variants (AR Cluster, DXSpider etc.) - are these also networked with each other and exchange spots or do only nodes of a specific cluster software interconnect? For example: Do AR-Cluster nodes exchange information with DXSpider nodes?

Decided to beat the heat by activating Cape My Point at the very southern tip of New Jersey. The sea breeze was knocking the temps down 20F. Ended up with 43 QSOs and had a great time.

Brilliant work!

I sheepishly admit it had been long enough that...
WARNING: You are using pip version 20.1.1; however, version 22.1 is available.

But yeah, super easy to install, told me precisely what to do to configure it, fired right up and did its thing. Really beautiful work.

Do I NEED it? No. The core concept of what this does is already in the logging software I use. But the REASONS I use the logging software I do are both numerous and sometimes esoteric. 1/?

A piece about wireless portable ops with the ICOM IC-705 on my my hugo page (which is not yet finished)


For those who are interested in ColorSpot, the CLI DX cluster client: git.qrz.is/clemens/colorspot

The software can be easily installed via pip:

# python3 -m pip install colorspot

I observed that it eats a lot of CPU when processing a line which is noticable on a rpi. Will look into that.

I'd be happy to get some feedback.

If you don't want the lotw integration, just keep the username at N0CALL in the config.

Took the Gorilla for a short spin today - the first time this year. Was about time...

Printed two handles for the IC-7300. I don't need them but I like them :)

A colorful program needs a colorful banner with randomized colors. No program launch will be the same as the previous one ;)

Came up with the name "colorspot" for the CLI DX cluster client and added support for colorization by continent (see screenshot). Country and continent determination are more solid now.

Deriving countries from call signs is a mess...

Making progress with the DX cluster client. I am now happy with the spacing, bands have different colors and unconfirmed countries are highlighted in red.

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Working on a command line DX cluster client with added info and color coding (e.g. DX in blue = LotW user).

Next step: color code the country so it will show if this country has been already worked or even confirmed.

This looks interesting: antrak.org.tr/blog/adx-arduino

"A simple HF QRP Transceiver optimized for Digital Modes [...]
– Simple to procure [...]
– Simple to build – 2 modules, 2 IC’s and 4 Mosfets!
– Simple to setup and tune [...]
– Simple to operate – Plug in ADX MIC to soundcard MIC input and ADX SPK to PC soundcard speaker input and we are good to go with any digital modes Software.
– Dirt Cheap – Costs less than 25$ to get all parts and PCB if we exclude ridiculous shipping costs!" via qrz.com

Introducing the Modos Paper Laptop, the world’s first eink laptop, for a healthier relationship with technology.


#modostech #eink #einklaptop #openhardware #opensource

My FT-817 with those awesome side rails (thingiverse.com/thing:4118033) needed some more protection when carried in a backpack. It's not the most exciting design but it fits perfectly and protects screen and knobs: thingiverse.com/thing:5386088

Spiderbeam 7m vs cheap 6m fishing rod. The shorter one is the 7m long pole.

All packed for today's portable operation:

Vector Network Analyzer
Power bank
Usb cable
Power cable
5m coax
6m pole / mast

Trying to build a cheap charging cradle for the Motorola SL1600/SL300. Motorola is asking 50€ for a piece of plastic that applies 5V to two points of the radio on the lower end of its sides. I printed a cradle that was intended to fit into car cup holders, drilled two 4mm holes into the sides and plugged two banana plugs into it. It works and charges but it is unreliable bc it loses contact quickly. I need something that puts pressure on the contacts. Any ideas?

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