hahahahaha i got working for me

goodbye shitty windows vm and goodbye waiting 10 years for the shitty CPS to load any single dialog

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i found a string length bug in it though.. easy enough to fix, might take a stab at a PR tomorrow

once i dealt with that it worked quite well, for a while. then i turned on the radio and it said the programming was invalid and demanded a reset. reapplying the config (from file or image) just caused it again. i’ve restored from the CPS for now, i’ll have to look at it again over the weekend... 😐

@witchy hmm, it seemed to screw up my aprs.
It changed the text to some random mess of a string, that crashes the radio if you open that bit of the menu

@M0YNG that’s really weird! my APRS worked fine afterwards!

everything did, until turning on the radio once crashed it and forced a reset. only way to make it stop was to restore my codeplug in CPS... need to do some debugging. 😑

@witchy very annoying.

I do wish radio manufacturers would just work with good open source software rather that writing the absolute 💩 they currently pump out for every radio.

What firmware version do you have?

@M0YNG i’m on 1.19, i’m wondering if maybe fully updating was a mistake...


Thanks for the pointer! Downloaded and built it now, and successfully downloaded the contents of my RD-5R.

Next experiment of course will be to *write* something, and if that works then the ancient Eee PC that I picked up for $20 as a minimal radio-only Windows computer can be retired.

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