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Contribution made for 2020. Thanks for running mastodon.radio!

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Now seems as good a time as any to randomly mention that you can - but absolutely don't have to - contribute to the running costs of mastodon.radio


(I just paid to renew the server for another year!)

logging, cloudlog, Docker, multi-user operations, Clublog 

blog: Washtenaw County siren test net 

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I successfully moved my logbook to (self-hosted) so I'm finally able to migrate to a Linux desktop in the shack. The following diagram shows how it might look.

blue=local software
yellow=web services
dashed lines=no solution yet

What are your thoughts? How would you log from fldigi and flwkey to Cloudlog?

DMR, fix your radio hour, net at 1600 EDT / 2000 UTC 

radio, net activity, W8UM / UMARC 

ARROW shut-in net, 10am report 

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Got my radio programmed up with repeaters again! I figure now is as good a time as any to make some contacts :)

DMR net at 1400 EDT, 1800 GMT on Brandmeister 3126 "Michigan One" 

cleaning the shack 

Feditalk QSO 

cq feditalk 

keeping a logbook, daily nets 

sony discman battery extrication 

pop music, amateur radio 

feditalk sked 

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feditalk sked 

Our local repeater (W8RP) has evidently lost its link to Brandmeister. Awaiting a report on getting access to the site to reprogram things.

SE Michigan "shut-in" net 

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