It's 700a Eastern on a Thursday. Are there any nets active at this specific time?

I know of an 800a Eastern Mo-Tu-We-Th-Fr net on the N8DUY repeater which you need RF in SE Michigan to participate in, and can monitor on Broadcastify:

alas there is a cache error on Broadcastify at the moment, 503 error with

Guru Meditation:

XID: 785482787

Varnish cache server

ARROW AMPteam outing last night at Prospect Park in Ypsilanti, Mi was a whole lot of fun from 2 meters on up.

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This looks interesting:

"A simple HF QRP Transceiver optimized for Digital Modes [...]
– Simple to procure [...]
– Simple to build – 2 modules, 2 IC’s and 4 Mosfets!
– Simple to setup and tune [...]
– Simple to operate – Plug in ADX MIC to soundcard MIC input and ADX SPK to PC soundcard speaker input and we are good to go with any digital modes Software.
– Dirt Cheap – Costs less than 25$ to get all parts and PCB if we exclude ridiculous shipping costs!" via

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Today is, apparently, Trent Reznor, Enya and Alan Kay's birthday, so here's the plan: apparently Alan Kay plays a mean pipe organ, so if we can somehow arrange a jam session with those three and record it a lot of people's Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath numbers will _plummet_.

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This is my contingency plan if my logging software crashes in the middle of a QSO, or if I have to turn off the computers to save power during an outage.

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what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

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@w8emv oh, great band! And great song! Gotta listen to them again.

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@w8emv @M0YNG

i'm also looking into rewriting the streaming server in go 🙃

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It’s interesting how far genuine gratitude can motivate someone. Case in point, in a prior role I literally never got a thank you from the boss. He actually said the words “all you did was what we asked you to do.” (It wasn’t, but that’s a story for another day).

Meanwhile, doing dev and support, I get paid nothing, but I get regular on-air thanks from participants who recognize my callsign, and thanks from the other devs and admins, and it keeps me happily coming back for more😀

Le Tigre, "Get off the internet" Now playing on WCBN-FM. Thanks Max for playing my request! 734-763-3500.

Baseball radio via KiwiSDR, listening to Dodgers - Tigers via a 5 kw sports AM station in Honolulu, HI.

The SDR is run by NH6XO; it reports having a "220' unterminated N-S Beverage - horizon blocked - blocked to all points west"

AM radio on Hawaii sounds different - you don't get the common co-channel interference that you would in the lower 48.

Tigers 0 - 0 Dodgers, bottom 1.

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Update! costs:

* £277.80 for the VPS
* €25 for the domain

This provides 8G RAM, 2 CPUs, 160G of storage (we're using around 69G right now but have been bouncing off the previous 81G limit)

More details (and optional donations) at

Breakfast. Salami and shallot omrice with some lovely brown jasmine rice from Hyundai, and the last dregs of a bottle of Clancy's Fancy (which is very fancy indeed but also very good). Washed down with my daily aliquot of Roos cold brew, trying to do a growler every other week of the stuff.

Morning 2 meter net on 145.15- from the N8DUY repeater in Ann Arbor, MI (Scio Twp, M-14 and I-94) starts at 800a Eastern. Wide coverage from Toledo OH to Lansing MI to Detroit MI.

Repeaterbook has the repeater details at

alas no mention of this MoTuWeThFr net that run weekdays.

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For the last few months I've been helping a school prepare for CanSat (a sort of satellite mission, only its orbit is about 500m). They've asked for more help on the electronics.

Custom PCB's are a possibility.

Breadboard currently has a RPi pico, bmp280 sensor, LoRa module and potentially a GPS and method of driving a servo. Nice to have would be an micro sd slot

Opinions please. Too much for 17/18 year olds?

My KiCAD fu is bobbins so would need a checker to point out errors as well.

notes on the 2022 software-defined baseball season.

some initial thoughts on tuning into far-away AM radio stations to chase baseball games, using KiwiSDR and WebSDR installations. Also previously 2018 and 2019 and 2020 notes, but I didn't write up 2021 for some reason.

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Wow, it's so cool to sit on the couch with headphones on and have a QSO via the iPad. I enjoy this app a lot so far 🤩

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Listening to 800 kHz "Rádio MEC AM Brasília" on KiwiBSB #1, Brasilia, Brazil.

Beautiful strong signal, S9+20 with no adjacent channel interference. AM radio can sound great!

Now at 2016 UTC / 416p Eastern playing classical music. My Portuguese is not adequate to ID it, and I don't recognize the piece.

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