still unsure why every DMR SMS I get from the brandmeister systems is duplicated 2-3 times...

Written a quick blog post about and with the code of my APRS to Mastodon thing that is currently powering @aprsbot

I swear my DMR radio is one of the easiest ways to reach me in real time, I carry it more than I do my phone...

Glad salesfolk and people who want money from me haven't figured that one out yet 😉

Looks like is shutting down. Check out this list for other instances to use:

The plural of "index" is "indices".
The plural of "vertex" is "vertices".
The plural of "mutex" is "deadlock".

-- @agmlego

does anyone else have strangely fond memories of geoworks/geos?

no qubes do not open that in a new disposable vm please oy vey i do not have that much ram, what you think I have a ram tree in the back garden? I'd be rich!

I turned on docker's IPv6 support with a non-routable subnet, and now the interface with the actually routable IPv6 address has started ignoring RA announcements and just ... doesn't register a default route.

What the fuck.

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docker's ipv6 support makes me want to throw this server in the wilamette

@KC3OWU seem to have lost you there, but good talk! we'll try to catch up again soon 😄

me: this application is getting this error when starting up and connecting to the database

github issues/stackoverflow: connect to mariadb over the local socket instead of tcp

me: but... it's not on the same computer


anyone up for trying to make a connect on feditalk this week? wanna put my hotspot through it's paces 😆

Is anyone familiar with Pi-Star (DMR) around to help be debug?

I got my modem board today, installed it, all seems good. Pi-Star shows it's connected to Brandmeister, radio programmed. Pi-star receives from the radio, and even shows calls with a 'Net' source, but I can't get Parrot to confirm I'm good to go.

The whole "you're not *really* self hosting if you use a VPS" is an extremely pretentious take forged in the fires of privilege

Cloud hosting is fine, especially if you don't have reliable housing, funds for a reliable internet connection with a static IP or DDNS, funds for hardware, ability to purchase a UPS, etc.

$10/month for a VPS is the cheapest possible option for many of us. Get over it. Every single packet you send over the internet goes through a datacenter anyways.


why is it anytime I try to solder something my tremor gets bad? ffs.

I figured I'd get a head start on installing Debian and svxlink on this NUC. Got through the install just fine, sat and went through the configuration files for svxlink and got it all exactly the way I want it.

But alsa doesn't seem to be able to find the NUC's built in sound card? It's only showing me the HDMI port 🤦‍♀️

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