Do you keep a scanner going, and if so, what channels is it tuned to?

I'm monitoring 5 or 6 local 2 meter and 70cm repeaters with an old Radio Shack Realistic Pro-34. It supports 100 channels, but I'm not going to need them all. The radio was $2 at a reuse store, and I put $15 into getting a new power supply for it so I didn't have to futz with batteries.

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@w8emv I used to, but the squelch stopped working on it (Uniden BC370CRS). Not a useful property for a scanner, so now it's just a weather radio.

When it was a scanner, I had some air band channels, local ham radio repeaters, business band (college town buses on a Friday night makes for some stories), FRS (little kids roaming the neighborhood are funny), and some 10m FM channels (interesting when the bands open up).

@w8emv @M0YNG not a scanner, but I do often turn on some ham radios tuned to 5 or so local repeaters and the ISS repeater.

@w8emv These days I don't get much chance to do traditional scanning while sitting at the rig but sometimes I used the RemoteHams interface to listen to HF while commuting to work *(pre-cov) 😉
Now very little random activity on local repeaters - but when it get;s active a lot of people jump on so thats a win 😄

@w8emv I monitire Police/Rescue serices and 433/466 for close calls

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