@jaquesviljoen yes, field operation is really amazing.
Generally, on whole 20m band, in SSB, I hear about 3 to 5 operators, and easily up to 20 from a summit !

Libreboot laptop prices reduced on RetroFreedom.com - E.g. X200 was £298, now £228.

I have a large stock surplus, and things are returning to pre-pandemic normal in the UK. It is viable for me to operate at reduced prices, like in 2017/2018.

Also: I'm on course to getting a new Libreboot release out, ETA early to mid October. My purpose is to polish the current 20210522 release (released on 22 May 2021).

I plan another release in November/December. Coreboot 4.15 comes out in ~November.

I wish we had such a lovely site and bunch of friends together 🙂

Gile having fun in France

Since I started converting my /home directory from #ext to #btrfs I've been learning a lot (very quickly) about defragging, scrubbing, checking, balancing, compression.... keen to get this dusted, so I can start with learning about snapshots


It's time for a new WSJT-X release candidate.

📢 WSJT-X 2.5.0-rc6 was announced here: sourceforge.net/p/wsjt/mailman

🗒️ Release notes are here: physics.princeton.edu//pulsar/

📁 And downloads are via: physics.princeton.edu//pulsar/

The release notes seem to mainly cover bug fixes, so maybe there will be a GA release soon.


UK Energy Regulator Supports Vehicle-To-Grid Proposal - UK could avoid investing in new power plants with the equivalent generation capacity of up to 10 large nuclear power stations

See cleantechnica.com/2021/09/05/u

#environment #EV #gridstorage #V2G #UK

@jaquesviljoen @M0YNG I store my influxdb data on a NAS and back it up to Google Drive every night. My Pi3B+ runs various things and used to hang and need a power cycle every week or so. However, since I installed dump1090 and VirtualRadar it hasn't needed cycling, go figure!

Operated bicycle mobile this morning and it was a great deal of fun.

Today I once again fell in love with the 817. With just 5w I was able to work multiple European entities on 2m SSB. At home my VHF radius is more or less 50km. The QTH was very nice and the weather optimal.

Hey, hey, mastodon.radio people!

Do you want to do ? on that server for example?

They have an channel / room thing.

Well, now you can via our server!

It's slightly tricky, but try this and let me know how you get on.

Join this Multi User Room:

You need to register your nickname to talk so
/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>
and follow the steps

Once you have identified you should be able to say "Hi!"

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