Enjoying , so here's mine:

I got my full license in July, having done my intermediate in Jan and Foundation in Dec, so I consider myself a newbie with an M0 license.

Got into radio to regain some knowledge in electronics (I have a degree in it, but don't use it for work so have forgotten a LOT).

Loving it so far, especially construction and and messing with digital modes. Definitely still a bit mic shy but working on it!

Also, I 100% recommend the Bath based courses!

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@m0puh Cool! Do you have equipment to operate on 80m? :)

@manawyrm unfortunately not yet, but I think I have enough space so hope to soon!

@m0puh very similar - did ONC and started HNC electronics but the maths was beyond me - that was 30/35 years ago - Foundation & Intermediate April 2016 & Full August 2016 - the bath course didnt meet my timeline so did it on my own with the RSGB Advance & Exam Secrets book and a bit of QADV - welcome fellow noob ;-)

@MU0WLV ahh nice! I found QADV super useful too. Finished my degree back in 2005 and then did a computing based PhD so never really got into hardware the way I intended when I started. Wish I had discovered radio sooner!

@m0puh when I was 15 Dad and I went to local club to learn radio stuff... I found girls and motorbikes were more interesting so dropped out... dad carried on and got his full call mid 80's - wish I had carried on :-)

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