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Enjoying , so here's mine:

I got my full license in July, having done my intermediate in Jan and Foundation in Dec, so I consider myself a newbie with an M0 license.

Got into radio to regain some knowledge in electronics (I have a degree in it, but don't use it for work so have forgotten a LOT).

Loving it so far, especially construction and and messing with digital modes. Definitely still a bit mic shy but working on it!

Also, I 100% recommend the Bath based courses!

Almost downloaded a gig of MPLAB to try to program a PIC using a pre-supplied hex file...

... only to discover there's a tiny GUI tool for the PICkit 3 programmer I have. Win! Actually, I just used Windows as last time I tried this stuff on Linux it was really hard.

I definitely prefer AVR stuff, but I guess that's what I'm used to.

I'm building an N7DDC ATU kit from eBay.

Overheard: I just don’t want another bit of communications equipment on the house!

Great to see The Dork Web's recent radio content --

This is one of my favourite newsletters at the moment, check it out if you like deep dives into miscellaneous nerdery (you know you do!).

It also mentions @DC7IA's ham list, which is great 👌

Really enjoyed the bits of the GQRP online convention I made it to and looking forward to the recordings of the rest.

Some sessions had close to 300 people in attendance!

OK, so I don't use the 30% keyboards I built in the past, but I still want one of these:

Great news, the GQRP convention will be making recordings available after the weekend.

Pretty sure I can't be at my computer from Saturday, 5 September 2020 at 10:00 - Sunday, 6 September 2020 at 19:0, so that's perfect!

The lineup for the GQRP club online convention looks good!

• “Building QRP transceivers” with Hans Summers G0UPL, designer and manufacturer of the QCX QRP transceiver.
• “HF propagation and QRP” with Steve Nichols G0KYA, author and chairman of the RSGB’s Propagation Studies Committee
• “Homebrew SSB Transceivers” with Pete Juliano N6QW, co-presenter of the Soldersmoke podcast and a prolific home brewer.

are just a few I could fit!

Written a quick blog post about and with the code of my APRS to Mastodon thing that is currently powering @aprsbot

I wrote a thing about Jack Tramiel, Commodore, Atari and his desire to crush the thing he built to win at the war of business:

The maintainer of hamlib has asked for bug reports/feedback on whether a number of rigs (marked alpha, beta and untested) work with WSJT-X.

There's a list at:

My 9 year old nephew has been making stop motion videos for a few weeks now.

Here's the latest:


Well, I clicked the button to "tax" my car. Even though there's no fee! And actually I've not really used it much for months now.

Over 400 people replied to the GQRP club's survey about holding the convention online, and most were keen.

That's an impressive number! When I went to the live convention a couple of years ago there were probably about 40 of us there in total!

It makes me think that when things go back to normal talks also need streaming.

NASA have been making images of the sun every 0.75 seconds for a decade, that's pretty amazing.

They released a video where each second is a full day, at:

I found this via:
which also lists the days a few cool things happened.

WSJT-X 2.2.2 is out. It's a bugfix release with some decoder speedups, so that's cool:

> It is particularly targeted for slower single board computer users such as the Raspberry Pi Model 3 or similar.

Announced at:

And release notes at:

Many interesting things in official documentation

For example, set location on network


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