Migrated my domain's MX to ProtonMail. So far I'm really impressed with the look and feel and ease of setup.

Migrating away from gmail will be a gradual and probably painful process!

SatNOGs Grafana dashboard for the LightSail 2 satellite, showing decoded data from telemetry signals.


Aprs to Fediverse. Some questions (polls will follow based on this poll's outcome)

Considering anyone could just put your callsign in the "from" field, I don't think it's desirable to accept toots directly from aprs and put them info your main account.

So, should it be a new instance like M0YNG@aprs.mastodon.radio, or a different account like M0YNG-aprs@mastodon.radio?

Talking of maplin. If anyone on this instance and in the UK wants any RP-crimp SMA plugs or sockets then let me know.

I’ll happily send a few (no charge!) to anyone who needs them. I think reverse polarity is generally used for WiFi gear. I have a bunch of each for RG174 and RG58.

I also have a load of other random connectors, just nothing particularly common, so if you’re looking for something odd then let me know and I’ll see what I have.

Naturally I ran out of crimp connectors so after digging through my Maplin haul I've ended up with a "Clamp-on" BNC plug. And it has loads of bits so I'm searching for info how to assemble it!

My Mum's husband won an Airspy HF+ Discovery! Lucky thing.

Now I'm crimping up some cables to try an get a basic working antenna for him. He's not licensed, so this'll be SWL. Going to start by lending him a 40m EFHW kit from SOTABEAMS. Totally forgot I had it!

Think I'm ready to talk at @G5BK about .

Feel free to send messages to M0YNG-5 (I might even get them!)

Yay! Sprat! Always an excellent read.

Definitely worth joining the G-QRP club if you aren’t already a member.

Thanks to everyone reporting the spam accounts, please keep doing it.

They all seem to be from the same instance, so I'll try and make contact with the admin and see what we can do to stop it.

The release of CentOS 8 was delayed by the release of 7.7 because the project only has three engineers!


I wonder how many users there are per engineer. Probably millions!

So, my geiger counter supports serial and wifi, and will report readings to this (insecure) website: gmcmap.com/ using this (super-dodgy, http only, unauthenticated) API: gmcmap.com/AutomaticallySubmit

Presumably this site isn't intended as anything but a toy!

Everyone is going wild about Chinese NanaVNA clones. They're tiny, pretty decent, cheap and computer controllable.

There's a new groups.io group @ groups.io/g/nanovna-users and discussions on them almost everywhere.

Mine shipped with no battery, and someone on the users list recommends 602040 Li-Po. I could find something in an old gadget but it would need to be super thin, so I've ordered one.

NanoVNA-saver currently looks to be the best software: github.com/mihtjel/nanovna-sav


Using "the most pointless Docker command ever" (zwischenzugs.com/2015/06/24/th) to look inside the VM Docker for macOS uses.

I'm not sure where the image comes from but it's pretty small and slick, and I'm unsure how I'd get a shell on it without the hack!

(my next toot will be radio related....maybe)

I've just had the most amazing week at 44con and on the Mastering Container Secuirity Course.

The course was brilliant, and the quality of talks at 44con was awesome.

I even won a GQ electronics geiger counter!

Cheers to @stevelord + the crew for organising!

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