Boldport has a promotion on:

Presumably this is part of the switch away from monthly subs that some of us discussed here last year (

... and plenty of grumpy old man moaning already 😀

Not seen any "it's not real radio" yet, but it's only a matter of time.

K1JT has just announced FT4, a new mode for digital contesting. Initial release in a week. Interesting stuff, it's 2.5× faster than FT8 and super sensitive. (Let the hating begin!)

Docs @

Spent a while yesterday receiving SSTV images on 20m (14.230 MHz), some pretty scary and really interesting.

I don't think anyone would deny that it's a pretty weird way to communicate, super fun though. Next I need to work out how to TX with qsstv (but first, family stuff)!

The website layout is a little confusing, but this SWR analyser and WSPR TX looks fun:

Out of stock but usually ~ €50 plus shipping, so not bad!

I also keep seeing people mention and N1201SA a lot too. Lots of interesting (low cost?) options based on lots of platforms.

Interesting news on the new Nvidia Jeston boards on the "other" site:

These are small form factor machines with a load of GPU cores, and they look a bit beefier than RPis. Could be fun!

This story about repairing the Salyut 7 space station is amazing:

Found through an awesome colleague who I’ve yet to convince needs a license. He’s heard too many “grumpy old man” stories and is a bit shy.

Joined AMSAT-UK but managed to mistype my callsign on the application form! Whoops 😳

Looks like there are more IIS transmissions ongoing:

Unfortunately there are (probably) no useful passes over the UK during the campaign: but hopefully some other people on here will grab some images!

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"If you stand on Bouvet Island alone, and the International Space Station is passing over nearby, the astronauts aboard the ISS will be the closest humans to you at that given time."

From a Youtube comment. Never thought of this, wow.

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here's the cross section of a diode! it's a 1N4007. you can see the piece of silicon in the middle. the lumps on the wires help hold them in the plastic case.

Realising I don't find DXing all that interesting, but I can see why people think getting to Bouvet is basically impossible!

I'm glad everyone is OK.

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This PDF guide "Transmitting on QO100" looks useful:

There's a lot of fun Es'Hail-2 stuff appearing, going to have to dive in at some point.


Mistakenly tried to crimp the solderable centre pin of a BNC connector. Ruined my expectations by reading about amphenol connectors and then buying cheap ones! 😭

I found fascinating. A look into the complexity of AWS and the security mistakes you can quite easily make.

If anyone in the UK is looking for some cheap gear there's 15% off electronics on eBay today: up to £50 discount.

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Found this nicely laid out page of console / ncurses tools. A few were new to me, perhaps also to you?

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