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Enjoying , so here's mine:

I got my full license in July, having done my intermediate in Jan and Foundation in Dec, so I consider myself a newbie with an M0 license.

Got into radio to regain some knowledge in electronics (I have a degree in it, but don't use it for work so have forgotten a LOT).

Loving it so far, especially construction and and messing with digital modes. Definitely still a bit mic shy but working on it!

Also, I 100% recommend the Bath based courses!

It's not currently in stock but this is a great price for "The Art of Electronics (3rd edition)" £23.50!

I must have paid about £50 when I was an undergrad back in the 00s 😂

Got a lovely anodised red case for my new 60% keyboard. Really pleased with the effect!

Today's project was Cordwood Puzzle 1, a secret santa present from a good mate.

Just hard enough to complete without cheating! (although I should have left the leads longer to keep things symmetrical).

Oh, and Happy New Year all!

A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

I updated my website to use a different Hugo theme and switched comments to commento ( from disqus.

I also disabled google analytics (inspired by my instance buddies!).

Not 100% sure about the theme yet, and I see there's a fair amout of link-rot, but it's clean and quick. Oh, and @

Happy Holidays everyone!

Here's hoping everyone gets a bit of quality time with some random projects 🥂

So far, I've repaired Dad's PSU (it works!) and build a new 60% mechanical keyboard. Some info here: Fun times!

follow Friday (plus one)

Nothing to do with the cute dog.

We need more PCBs in our timelines.

Although, this is slightly pointless, I'd encourage everyone one to follow everyone else on!

I can't believe I'm only just now learning that you can press ctrl+l to clear the terminal screen in bash instead of typing clear

Just pulled a dead rectifier from Dad's EP-925 PSU.

It's basically identical to the PS-30M I have which I repaired last year when a pass transistor shorted. Chunky and hard to get inside but generally fairly simple.

Fingers crossed this is the only problem with it. 🤞

Forgot to mention I found the AirSpy HF repo on github:

These tools work with the Airspy HF+ Discovery on the Pi and Mac, (although I did still need a windows box to update the firmware). They're also not yet packaged on Debian, or in the official homebrew project.

I've not had much time to play, but I think airspyhf_rx should work a lot like the RTL tools.

Also, this blog has a lot of cool content, even though I can't read it:

Well that was depressing to wake up to!

Looking around for some interesting/good news, I've found: -- A fork of OpenwebRX with support for AirSpy HF+ (

Also, someone put an ultrasonic transducer on an SDR: So I could you could use this to make a bat detector? It's super cool to hear the doppler shift.

Put a fixed pulley on the top of my antenna pole last night, and added a section of conduit to keep the cord close to the pole.

Hopefully that'll stop it jangling in the wind.

Just got to work and took off my jumper…

I then touched my keyboard and got a massive static shock…

Which killed the USB port on my dock!

I wonder if the same thing would have happened to the computer if i was attached directly.

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