@dc7ia@mhz.social strangely I just managed to follow you - but cant do same for @valentintintin@mhz.social @M0YNG

cleaned up who I do and don't follow by un-following everyone and then re following... however seems that there are a couple mhz.social followers i'm struggling to re connect with... @valentintintin@mhz.social & @dc7ia@mhz.social sorry guys, i'll get there in the end :-)

well that was nice... brief opening to Brazil and Argentina 10m FT8 still a couple there too

I've been told eQSL is crap & its too easy to falsify QSOs & that there is a small amount of bullying when you dont confirm - I've never come across that & as for dodgy QSOs - if they aint in the log then they aint being approved simple as that (except for SWL reports)

AND if its so easy on eQSL how come I'm 15 away from DXCC there and only 5 away on LoTW

AND the anti FT8 brigade... why are so many so opinionated - i honestly never thought i'd come across it in ham radio - how wrong i was :-/

almost every time i have an FT8 blip on 10m this chap hears me.... one day he will hit his TX button...

there is a bit on lift on 2m... heard south coast UK on my drive home - i'm too knackered atm to play... may be after a glass of wine / beer / cider / whiskey - delete as appropriate!

thank you so much to M0BPQ for sending me a controller for my tailtwister - getting that & now i've also had the housings back after being wet-blasted brings the end of the project so much closer - however still a fair bit of work before i can get the 2m yagi up :-)

the housing for the CDE (Hy-Gain) tailtwister has gone to be blasted - finally pulled my finger out

comes to something when spell checking a work email at work and it tries to correct the date "25TH" to "2U0HZY" ha ha ha @2U0HZY

been messing with FT8call with @2U0HZY - its interesting... nice to learn something new... guess i should get out of the house with the kids though for some fresh air :-)

if i wanted to set up my own server for hosting my own website(s) what would be the recommended upload speed as a minimum and what sort of security would i need - is it something that is feasible?

am i missing something? are the iota results in a different format than previous years? cant see the newcomers section...

I've a CDA tail twister TX-2 rotator... want to put it on top of a scaffold tube for maybe 6-10 element vhf yagi... do I spend the £100 ($140) and buy a rotator cage or not bother... says it's ok to 10 sq ft of wind loading but also that it's better for the rotator to have a cage...

absolutely no motivation to do anything even radio today..... although i might see what the afternoon brings... yawn.... ZzzZzzZzZzzzz ;-)

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