I haven’t been happy with the ultrasonic water level sensor on my rainwater tank, so I picked up this 0-10psi pressure sensor cheap and plan to plumb it into the outlet. Pressure in psi = height in feet / 2.31 (kPa = meters / 9.81)

I finally found the source of the leak in the water main at my parents' house. Who uses compression couplings underground?! Now I just have to figure out a temporary fix while we wait for the supply houses to get new stock

I think my octopi needs a case. Somehow the sd card got cracked just sitting there beside the printer

We splurged on a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner a few years ago, but when the battery went dead, I couldn’t bring myself to pay $100 to replace it. Why not use a removable power tool battery instead?

This Ridgid 4Ah pack lasted 8 minutes on “max” mode — 33% longer than the original battery. It should be more than enough (30-40min) on “auto” mode, but with a removable battery I can swap in a fresh one and keep going without stopping to recharge.

Most superhero stories are problematic, but this page describing a dilapidated neighborhood as a place full of villains where no one follows the rules is some grade a bullshit gentrifier propaganda

The ISS equipment seems to be working great for this latest ARISS SSTV event, but I haven't been able to capture a good image yet.

There’s nothing wrong with building electronics in Tupperware, but you really should consider using this as an excuse to get a 3D printer ;)

I *had* enough cutoff wheels to finish this project before three in a row exploded on me. Always wear eye protection!

I never should’ve let myself get suckered into using a “free” commercial product in the first place. Time to make sure I have local copies of everything in portable formats.

I picked up this programmable color LED sign on a whim because it was free and has a dozen decent power supplies in the box. But if I turn it on and it works, what should I do with it?

I needed a sheet metal brake to fabricate a custom hvac plenum, so I threw this almost 6ft wide brake together out of parts I had on hand: 2 2x6s, a piece of angle iron, and a piano hinge.

A package shipped from Houston on Monday has traveled to Shreveport and Dallas on its way to me in Austin. If you’d told me 4 years ago the president would destroy the postal service to prevent mail-in ballots, I would’ve thought you were a conspiracy theorist.

I just installed FreeBSD on this Dell/Wyse thin-client. It’s a little bigger than my usual utility/experiment systems (BeagleBone Green for scale), but cheaper and so.much.faster. I’m using EOL thin clients for all my future projects

My WeChat timeline is full of conservative first generation immigrants who are pissed at Trump.

“Today I made two decisions: 1) After 45 days I won’t stop using WeChat, and if the US govt punishes me I’ll sue them to the Supreme Court to protect my rights as a citizen! 2) In the November election, my vote will go to anyone but Trump!”

PLA wasn’t a good choice for a mic holder in the Texas sun

I taught myself how to hang gutters yesterday — pretty happy with how well it’s going

‪Life hack: remove the buzzer from your bedside clock so no matter how much your kids mess with it you won’t be awakened in the middle of the night.‬

Other than over-building my next power supply, what can I do with all these capacitors?

I decided to try using my pen plotter as a dot-matrix printer to print some of my generative art. I’m not sure yet if I like the dithering or not.

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