@Ricardus found it in my spam folder. I’ll get back to you later

@Ricardus those preamps look great!

I’m glad your and your dad came through ok. My family’s been fortunate so far, despite the best efforts of our state govt, local idiots, and Capital. I’m hoping we’ll see an under 5yo vaccine soon.

@Ricardus yeah, I’ve been good. I live in Texas, so I’m used to crazy shit going on. I’m finally back to working on an audio-related project, though, so I’m happy!

I haven’t been happy with the ultrasonic water level sensor on my rainwater tank, so I picked up this 0-10psi pressure sensor cheap and plan to plumb it into the outlet. Pressure in psi = height in feet / 2.31 (kPa = meters / 9.81)

I finally found the source of the leak in the water main at my parents' house. Who uses compression couplings underground?! Now I just have to figure out a temporary fix while we wait for the supply houses to get new stock

We’re not all ignoring the problems with capitalism, but I haven’t found enough comrades to help me liberate the means of electricity production

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Learning that people suffering from the storm and blackout in Texas were using the guide in our book Recipes for Disaster to build a rocketstove with which to heat food and water, we've put the directions online here in their entirety:


Please circulate.

@Ricardus That's what I meant -- pelican is like kleenex or xerox. I just picked up a big case (4800?) the other day when they were on sale for $45.

@Ricardus I still haven't boxed mine up. Originally, I thought I'd bundle it with a little pc, lcd, keyboard, etc in a pelican case, and make a tube tester cyberdeck ;)

@M0YNG I think I paid $1 extra for the PRO ENDURANCE version, thinking it'd last a little longer without getting corrupted 😠

I think my octopi needs a case. Somehow the sd card got cracked just sitting there beside the printer

@nivex It sounds like you're more knowledgable about this than I am, so I apologize if this is naive: For a basic test, use one of the open source D-Star modem boards based on the CMX589 to send your opus encoded stream to the data port of an FM radio. Receive with an RTL-SDR and demod/decode in GNURadio.

We splurged on a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner a few years ago, but when the battery went dead, I couldn’t bring myself to pay $100 to replace it. Why not use a removable power tool battery instead?

This Ridgid 4Ah pack lasted 8 minutes on “max” mode — 33% longer than the original battery. It should be more than enough (30-40min) on “auto” mode, but with a removable battery I can swap in a fresh one and keep going without stopping to recharge.

@nivex I would start by looking at what’s been done with codec 2 and trying to adapt some of VK5DGR’s work. I know one of the Opus team did some work on codec 2 as well, but I haven’t looked into the actual algorithms to see what similarities are there.

Take a look at his codec 2 over GMSK testing here: rowetel.com/?p=3856

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New modules and old modules for the Heathkit AA32, front and back.

Guess which are old and which are new.


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