My 3d printed pulley wasn’t quite sturdy enough for this treadmill-motor-powered giant fan

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ok it finally works. wifi via ath5k mPCIe card. backlight keyboard. LiFePO4 battery charging. speakers.

I do a lot of diy projects, but there’s something super satisfying about fixing my own vehicles. I just replaced an ignition coil on my truck due to a misfire, and it’s running better than it has in the past year.

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Twitter, 😡😡😡 

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These kinds of shrink wrap arbitration agreements are apparently legally binding in the US. I showed them, though — by opening the envelope containing my “opt-out” letter, LG agreed to settle all disputes in a class action dance-off.

@kr4dio I still don’t have a pen and the plotter could use some cleaning, but self-test does *something*

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I just picked up this ancient locally-made pen plotter. Everything I see online talks about making these into vinyl cutters, but I actually want to use it to draw — just need to find a pen or 3D print an adapter.

I drove up to Fort Worth and back (7 hours round trip) to pick up this maple flooring

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Neat form of culture jamming! If Hackers came out today, here's a plausible way to totally fuck up traffic in NY.

"99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps"

#googlemapshack #hacktheplanet

Refreshing every five minutes until my in-laws are actually *on the plane*

Reading about the Open Book Project got me thinking about repurposing the screen in my old Kindle Paperwhite. But what is going on with this strange growth on the back? Heat? Impact? Swelling battery?

Seeing that @mntmn laptop reminded me to pull out my old toughbook — one of the few laptops both thicker and slower than their Reform

I made some progress on the uTracer (DIY vacuum tube analyzer), but this solder fume headache is killing me.

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