‪What’s the deal with mobile mechanics not showing up? I’m trying to get my skid steer repaired, and this morning was the third time I’ve been ghosted.‬

PLA wasn’t a good choice for a mic holder in the Texas sun

I taught myself how to hang gutters yesterday — pretty happy with how well it’s going

‪Life hack: remove the buzzer from your bedside clock so no matter how much your kids mess with it you won’t be awakened in the middle of the night.‬

Other than over-building my next power supply, what can I do with all these capacitors?

I decided to try using my pen plotter as a dot-matrix printer to print some of my generative art. I’m not sure yet if I like the dithering or not.

‪It’s hard for me to call this , when it seems like just yesterday I was at Centaur testing pre-production chips‬

What should I do with a bunch of semi-rigid SMA patch/jumper cables?

‪The kitchen table has never been more ergonomic. It’s going to take a while to get used to this Kinesis Advantage keyboard, though.‬

Strain relief fail. I don’t think I can repair this, and I can’t find an assembled cable with the correct connector in the US — looks like this LCD will be out of commission for at least the next month

‪750W Dell power supply modded for ham radio use. Power on + low-speed fan + voltage increase. I couldn’t get any more voltage without internal mods‬

There was a capped off hole on the back of the radio, so I printed up an SMA mounting bushing

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3d printing makes solving little problems so easy — I modified a headphone stand design from thingiverse to make a stand for a couple of 120mm fans.

The data/control interface for my new Icom IC-718 is also coming along nicely.

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