A couple of weeks ago I caught a tiny praying mantis nymph while working on our new house, and released it into our current front yard after showing it to the kids. This afternoon, a slightly bigger praying mantis jumped onto my shoulder as I was walking in the door. It played with me and the kids for a good 15 minutes before running off into the bushes. It seems unlikely, but I wonder if it was the same bug …


I finally got around to installing a relay for the starter solenoid on my skid steer, so I can start it without using a screwdriver to short the terminals.

I decoded this SSTV image from the ISS late last night. It appears that whatever was causing the low modulation during previous events has been fixed, so I look forward to trying to collect the rest of this series.

I signed up to be a Skywarn spotter, but the logo makes me uncomfortable. Does it look Orwellian and/or fascist to anyone else?

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This is interesting, I'll have to listen out for it!

"Why is Project HAARP so controversial?"

Test fitting some 3D printed 2m/70cm Yagi parts this morning. There are still some tweaks to be made, but everything fit together with a little finessing.

Thanks to KI5DRE for the 3D prints and DL3RTL + DO5TY for the original design

Does anyone have recommendations for text-based ham radio logging software? Contest-specific features aren't necessary, but it should support satellite QSOs.

I’ve been messing around with a late '90s Toughbook, and needed a slightly smaller font to make the 800x600 display more usable. Since Gohufont worked so well on the Parva’s OLEDs, I thought I’d give it a try on this laptop.


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@kr4dio unlike that one, I don't think mine is resonant on any ham bands. Even if I can tune it up it'll probably not be a very good radiator. I might try some day but it wasn't intended for tx anyway.

The is transmitting images again, but the audio level is extremely low. I’ve only been able to capture these two fuzzy images so far.


My dad has been modding his Technics turntable to make it less DJ and more audiophile, so in addition to removing the pitch fader and cue light, he also wanted an external power supply. This is apparently a pretty common mod, and other than the box, I was mostly able to put it together using parts I had laying around.


After a week of struggling to receive anything from the various amateur radio satellites, I’ve realized that my initial success with the ISS was just beginners luck. Time to add a WA5VJB cheap yagi [wa5vjb.com/references/Cheap%20 ] to the project list.


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