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I needed an optocoupler for the PTT circuit for the PK-88. Minimum order quantity was 25.

I went to put these into my component drawers and found I had a drawer with 24 in already.

So I guess I will have 48 left once I've made the interface cable.

Feeling nostalgic for the old Shanghai art/noise/rock days

What kind of nerd didn’t play DnD as a kid? The kind raised in a fundamentalist religion at the height of the Satanic Panic. Trying to make up for lost time now.

NOS vari-mu triodes for the new super secret project. Just need the μTracer to match a few pairs, and we’ll be ready to go.

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I'm Iain, from Scotland.

I'm interested in packet radio on HF, VHF and UHF. I'm working on a secure, robust and reliable packet radio stack on top of :

I also have packaged a lot of radio-related software in Debian:

To the best of my knowledge, APRSdroid can’t trigger PTT over audio (right channel PTT), so you still need vox

CW: crickets 

I just scavenged all the “useful” parts out of a free treadmill. Yes, I already have too many projects, but ... *free motors*!

Thanks to a generous local ham, I just picked up the first couple of sections of my future tower

And the default response from tech support is, "Have you opened the file on another computer recently? Maybe you can recover it from that one." 😡

Fuck you, Autodesk, for making it impossible to work offline while also not backing up or otherwise giving a shit about my work stored on your servers.

Vintage* HT repair on a Saturday morning

* It feels strange to describe a device with surface mount components as “vintage”

I picked up a bunch of steel for my rainwater collection barn today. Driving the telehandler down the street (and through a school parking lot) was a lot of fun

Turns out the trailer was apparently stolen and brought here to be emptied and dumped.

Obligatory ham radio content: Would an APRS tracker in a trailer provide peace of mind? Or would it just serve as a beacon to thieves?

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Looking into grid interactive inverters for my solar installation. Does anyone know any that enable pushing power onto the grid in addition to the usual battery backup? Preferably ones that don't rely on proprietary batteries..

If I go with the usual grid tie inverter + charger/inverter combo then I'll also need an MPPT battery charger with a relay so that the panels are switched to the charger rather than the grid tie inverter if the power goes out

I’m hoping the appearance of a trailer this morning means the neighbors are finally removing whatever “valuables” were preventing them from tearing down this dilapidated cabin

delivery van delivery (obligatory ham content: hood-mounted Larsen 2m/70cm antenna)

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