Spending some time today studying and taking exams for refresher knowledge with 📖👨‍🎓

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Got me some @SOTAbeams@twitter.com wire! Gonna be making a Qrp guys EFHW with this.

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Last night checking the @GLiNetWiFi@twitter.com⁩ node. Seems to be doing fine but I still need to drill some holes in the case for all the cables.

Congratulations @Hoshnasi@twitter.com on the Bill Leonard Professional Media Award for Video Reporting.

Got four (!!) 175w used panels today. For free. Really screwed up the inside of my car, though 😬 ☀️🔋⚡️

Digging this little camp table recommended by @thetechprepper1@twitter.com

Pretty amazing miniaturization of this cap touch key.

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More micro-soldering! This time it's a capacitive touch key circuit based on the M0UKD design. I combined the MOSFETs into a single, dual MOSFET IC and added a voltage regulator to the input so it can take anything you'd throw at a radio.

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Thinking I can use this Drok DC-DC boost converter to charge batts 🔋 at 14.6V from car cigarette lighter 12V.

Hello mastodon.radio! I'm Dennis from Northern California, USA. (CM98hj)
I enjoy CW, digital modes, and am often on DStar/DMR. I run the Podcast, give it a listen on your favorite podcast platform! Thanks for the welcome, @M0YNG and thanks for creating a focused Mastodon instance.


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