Lol, just did a digipeat email send, first 60+ miles south then 80 miles north just to get around some hills. Why? Why not. 😄 AD6DM-10 <-> K6IXA-13 <-> K6IOK-10. Would be cool if there were more gateways in the valley and in the Sierras or the Diablo Range.

Now here's a first: Using the battery I'm working on to power the soldering iron to work on the battery. 🔋

This morning on , I got a chance to interview Wild Cascadia Radio! We talk about the 1:1 nature of radio, the power of connection, mic fright, and . ⚓️

Great success! FM and good tests with the smallest radio (UV-3R) and Mobile radio sound card. The devil is in the computer audio level settings.

Tomorrow on Podcast: How radio connects community, not just ham operators. Fantastic discussion with a warm and well-known guest. Stay tuned! ⚓️

is a very versatile and TINY external radio sound card for digital mode operation. This one is configured for hardware PTT to use with handhelds.


Look at this little clip as nothing more than an episode of SNL. It's just a parody based on some of the comments that I have received over the last year. We've gone a little over board with political correctness. Lots of inside jokes.



Power your laptop for DAYS! Check out this video for how to make this easy battery box.



Wanna know how to wire up a BMS for a LiFePO4 battery? Join me at 6:51PM Central tonight and find out.


I got impromptu invited to the Coffee & Ham Radios stream this morning. Glad I joined, cool discussions. See also &

BPQ BBS configuration (coexisting with an RMS gateway) is a deep rabbit hole of trial & error.

FM Chat is a very cool option. A lot easier to set up than D-RATS in my opinion (and cheaper to deploy, doesn't need special digital radios).

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Test field setup for FM Wide. I sent a Winlink message with 100kb photo attachment at 25210 bps (21 times the speed of packet). Laughable in terms of internet standards, but a potential life saver in a EMCOMM scenario ⛑️

Portable digital is coming together slowly. Got another DRA-50 radio sound card, & the required data cables in the mail today.
People diss the Yaesu FTM-6000 but do they realize it's a new player in the 9600 bps data space?

Something something electromagnetic oscillation resonance LC circuit tuning == magic! Audio comes out.
(On the topic of antennas.)

The ham I sent one of the devices to goes on the Western Intertie Network ( for the first time and discusses frequency selection


The Yaesu FTM-6000R and my newest manpack build is live. Watch the video to see why I purchased this rig.


Kj just supported on! 🎉 Thanks for your support and for listening to the podcast!

You can buy AD6DM a coffee here —

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