Digging this little camp table recommended by @thetechprepper1@twitter.com

What are your first reactions to an outage or disaster? What if you could design your dream radio? We touch on these questions and more in this morning's episode: Round Robin part 2 of ⚓️ anchor.fm/ad6dm/episodes/Round

Pretty amazing miniaturization of this cap touch key.

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More micro-soldering! This time it's a capacitive touch key circuit based on the M0UKD design. I combined the MOSFETs into a single, dual MOSFET IC and added a voltage regulator to the input so it can take anything you'd throw at a radio.

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Pretty cool video by K6ARK @akimmerly@twitter.com about how to optimize a Windows tablet for portable use youtu.be/sdEt4u1pvKo

Listening to a worldwide net on Talkgroup 91 over the and . Fascinating hearing all these hams from so many countries checking in.

Thinking I can use this Drok DC-DC boost converter to charge batts 🔋 at 14.6V from car cigarette lighter 12V.

Friend of mine just went through almost 20 hours of power outage, really got my "what-if" thoughts flowing about power. I think I'm gonna start putting together a handtruck build like The Tech Prepper youtu.be/Dk07XA_i0MI

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I am honored to have been interviewed by Dennis AD6DM from the "Hamdom Thoughts" podcast. Feel free to give it a listen if you're interested in comms and prepping.

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Tomorrow's podcast episode is with a cool practical prepper ham. He shares a lot of great experiences and tips in our talk. Download it tomorrow morning from your favorite podcast platform and have a listen! ⚓ anchor.fm/ad6dm

Hello mastodon.radio! I'm Dennis from Northern California, USA. (CM98hj)
I enjoy CW, digital modes, and am often on DStar/DMR. I run the Podcast, give it a listen on your favorite podcast platform! Thanks for the welcome, @M0YNG and thanks for creating a focused Mastodon instance.


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