I forgot my own GMRS callsign. Had to look it up on the FCC database. 😄

Today on : A talk with @ko4afl@twitter.com Steve, remote testing Volunteer Examiner (VE), who has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people become amateur radio operators. Check it out! ⚓️ anchor.fm/ad6dm/episodes/KO4AF

Want to get amateur radio licensed? Want to help people get licensed? Tune in tomorrow morning on the podcast and hear a great VE talk about what it takes! Stay tuned... ⚓️ anchor.fm/ad6dm

Not a bad portable coffee maker, thanks for the rec @Hoshnasi@twitter.com youtu.be/MwLGWra7YFY

Heard 2 different YouTubes talk about these recently so I had to check them out. Seem legit.

Today on , I have a fun conversation with super positive upbeat @beersnack83@twitter.com Dan KD2FMW. We get into how his pursuit of fun led to turning into a live online competition, and his work with his brand new club. Check it out! ⚓️ anchor.fm/ad6dm/episodes/KD2FM

Tomorrow morning on : A real hacker and POTA fiend. Stay tuned for this merry interview! ⚓️ anchor.fm/ad6dm

I found my old FT-4X HT on top of my . It has been outdoors weather-beaten for about 4 months, but works just fine after recharging.

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Prepare for what is difficult when it is easy - Lao Tzu

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Peer pressure is best.

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@va3sdo@twitter.com and @beersnack83@twitter.com 2 things! 1st this is all your fault! 2nd thanks!

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This week on : We Build We Learn Dan @va3sdo@twitter.com. Check out this cool guy on your favorite podcast platform while we drill into some questions about having fun in a club, working used gear, EMCOMM, and the definition of an Elmer. ⚓️ anchor.fm/ad6dm/episodes/VA3SD

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