Fun times with,,, and where we talk about batteries 🔋 for portable operations 🚶 The rest of the conversation continues on this Wednesday!


💥POWER💥!!! Guests and join us tomorrow at 5:00 pm MST to talk 🔋 Batteries! Join the discussion and bring your questions to the


Wow, the day went by quick! I almost missed posting about today's episode of : A cool talk with Dan where we discuss taking apart lawnmowers, power tech, and portable ops in the Superstitions. Check it out! ⚓️

End of an era... I spent many an hour at and I think I even bought my Gordo Technician study book there.


BREAKING Scoop: Fry’s Electronics is closing business nationwide effective tonight. Source: Wilsonville, OR store employee. website will go down at 12am


Tomorrow's episode is with a cool SOTA cucumber, someone who hikes the Superstition mountain range often and loves portable operation. Tune in on Wednesday morning! ⚓️

The wonderful thing about knowledge is you can give it away and still have it. -- Dennis E. Taylor

Spending some time today studying and taking exams for refresher knowledge with 📖👨‍🎓

Today's episode discusses paying it forward and generosity in ham radio. I encourage you to give it a listen ⚓

Tomorrow on Podcast I talk about a topic that nearly everyone loves, but not everyone practices as much as they could, or should. Download it tomorrow morning! Stay tuned... ⚓️


Got me some wire! Gonna be making a Qrp guys EFHW with this.


TIL: sodium citrate, which is a component of nacho cheese, has the molecular formula Na₃C₆H₅O₇ 🧀

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