After a few weeks on the CW academy class I've managed to work my way through a CWT contest without getting in a mess. Those sending less than about 28wpm got hand sent CW. Over 28wpm they got button pressed CW.

If I carry on like this I could actually be almost competent

I'm hoping to learn CW in the next year, but when you say button pressed are you talking about keyboard auto sending?

@W6AIT Just the keyer on the rig. I found that if I send over 25 wpm I make more mistakes and that upsets the proper contesters.

BTW I totally recommend CW Academy. Brilliant set up and I couldn't have done it without them


Ahh understood now. You dial it in for send rate and spacing right? I've heard many great things and plan on taking the CW Academy class when I'm able dedicate the proper time to it.

@W6AIT that's right. My rig has memories you can define. Just set them up and away you go. Also n1mm logger does the same thing via cat.

The good thing about CWA is that all the homework is available without restrictions

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