Out working on the farm today, thought I might get in some but I'm in a dead zone.

TIL that having a USB C charging port on a device doesn't mean you can use a USB C to USB C cable, some devices require A to C for some reason.

Howdy, All! Thomas (K4SWL) here--completely new to Mastadon. I love everything radio, but especially field radio (POTA, SOTA, WWFF) and QRP.

Does anyone have experience with a distro that's good for toddlers on up. Maybe something that can grow with them? Alpahbet games, puzzles, object identification eg. Also maybe an impact resistant cheap laptop?

Monthly security update from totally borked my pixel2 today. Spent all morning sideloading trying to fix it. Had to drop microg and use a lineageos nightly to get sim working. 🫠

Passed! Thought about trying the extra but decided against it. W6AIT/AG now on the air!

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Can anyone help me figure wtf this bot acct that just followed me is all about

Two weeks from my general exam, can't wait... Trying to work 10m QRP FT8 while seeing all the 15, 17 and 20m activity makes even more excited.

Hello, name's Donovan, Technician Licensed in Feb '22, Currently In Classes for General Exam May 31st.
Joined local group
Interested in getting started in &
/ in 2023?
Outside of radio,


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