13cm SOTA action. SG lab xverter on high stile g/ld-012. 3 qso's including 2 s2s.

Lake in the background is Crummock water

Nice day out on the fells activating Coniston old Man for SOTA and 3 Wainwright's. Shame the key ended up misbehaving and cut short my CW

After a few weeks on the CW academy class I've managed to work my way through a CWT contest without getting in a mess. Those sending less than about 28wpm got hand sent CW. Over 28wpm they got button pressed CW.

If I carry on like this I could actually be almost competent

Another bit of today. This time Pillar G/LD-006.

31 qso's spread across 30m CW, 2m FM and 2.3Ghz FM.

Nice day out for 32 more points in the bag, brings me up to just short of 700

Some tomorrow if I can drag the family out. G/LD-003 Helvellyn. As always on vhf but will take 30m cw just in case this wind dies down

@sebastian would you mind having a quick look at a KiCAD schematic and and PCB for me before I send it off for fab? It's just a few headers and a RPi pico but I need to be sure I've done it well enough.

any KiCAD exoerts about. Some nets drawn in escheema not showing in pcbnew. I'd expect none or all but some it confusing the hell out of me.

I suspect a footprint problem but the offending item seems to be showing

I really must spend more time with KiCAD.. I learn stuff then forget it just as quick and it really is an amazing piece of software for nowt. Totally happy with 3d mechanical CAD but EDA stuff needs work..... Or I'll keep designing PCB's that don't work.

Scraped through my first today with very flat band conditions in the early afternoon. It pick up a bit later but very hard to rouse up a pile up on hf or vhf. Normally I'd have no trouble with 10 on a but today.... Strewth

tomorrow with a bit of luck. A new thing for me but there's one just down the road. So why not. QRV around 14:00UTC (ish - depends on if I have a snooze 🙂 )

really enjoying the CW Ops CW academy...totally recommend it over self learning

Chased some ghz sota today. Its either all or nowt.

Feeling like a pro until anyone asks and I tell them that I bought a xverter. 🙂

A while ago I attempted to use some well used code for a CW decoder on a TTGO ESP32 board. I had another look at it today and still got nowhere. TFT's do my nut.

Happy to accept offers of help but ONLY if you can explain it to me so I can write it down so I don't go through this again.

I would very much like to finish this project. It will be trivial for some with coding skills I'm sure.

For the last few months I've been helping a school prepare for CanSat (a sort of satellite mission, only its orbit is about 500m). They've asked for more help on the electronics.

Custom PCB's are a possibility.

Breadboard currently has a RPi pico, bmp280 sensor, LoRa module and potentially a GPS and method of driving a servo. Nice to have would be an micro sd slot

Opinions please. Too much for 17/18 year olds?

My KiCAD fu is bobbins so would need a checker to point out errors as well.

So no idea how this works...but mainly a sota activator in G/LD.

Lover of CW but am not very good at it.

Keen on SAQ (17.2Khz) to 13cm


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