I've finally got FT8 working on my ! All it took was plugging it into a ~20 year old laptop. I'm running it via audio only, no CAT control. Even managed to make a contact! And I can see myself reported on PSKreporter.

The real reason that this works (I think) is because the T42 has separate headphone and mic jacks, rather than a combined TRRS jack. @conor pointed out a while ago that the splitter I was using with my other computer was probably the problem and he is most likely correct.

Made a few more FT8 contacts today. I'm limiting myself to <500mW for the time being as the needs to see low SWR at full power (5W) to avoid cooking the finals and I don't have a tuner for it.

After wrestling with those combi-plugs (headphone and mic in one) unsuccessfully, I got an external USB thingy. I shelled out some money and got myself a (from the German part of that company) and did not regret it. You may get away with cheaper stuff. (Now, my most recent rig has an USB soundcard built in.)

I think I'll probably buy a @digirig for that reason. Hoping I might be able to use it with my phone as well as my G90.

Ah! That looks like an even better choice. Saves you from soldering your own PTT trigger electronics like I did. (On the other hand, you don't get to be proud about getting your self-soldered PTT trigger to work like I was. - Well, can't have it all, can we?)
@digirig @conor

@dj3ei @N9DRB @digirig I have some info that might be useful here. I'm not at home at the moment but I'll report back later with the gear I use for digital modes.

It's getting harder and harder to find software for it, but it still works well. Running Bodhi Linux on it right now because it needs a non-PAE distro.

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