Now that I'm home with better internet access, my best guess is that this might be an ARX2 2m antenna. Or at least something comparable to that one.

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Continuing my quest to figure out what all this old radio stuff of my grandpa's is. Not yet sure on this thing. Maybe about 8-9 feet long.

Replaced the stator on our washing machine. Looks lovingly on all of the magnet wire on the old one that I should be able to find a new home for in future projects.

Anybody know of a write-up for how to calibrate the frequency of a ? I think mine is off by about 500-1000 Hz based on the waterfall display when using WSPR.

I already know how to adjust the reference frequency in the menu, but I’m looking for a good way to figure out exactly how much adjustment is needed.

So WSPR is rather incredible. One transmission at 500mW heard at 52 different locations. The furthest more than 7000km away.

Made a few more FT8 contacts today. I'm limiting myself to <500mW for the time being as the needs to see low SWR at full power (5W) to avoid cooking the finals and I don't have a tuner for it.

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The real reason that this works (I think) is because the T42 has separate headphone and mic jacks, rather than a combined TRRS jack. @conor pointed out a while ago that the splitter I was using with my other computer was probably the problem and he is most likely correct.

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I've finally got FT8 working on my ! All it took was plugging it into a ~20 year old laptop. I'm running it via audio only, no CAT control. Even managed to make a contact! And I can see myself reported on PSKreporter.

Anybody know the latest version of WSJT-X to have an i386 version? I see it linked on the page for v2.5.0, but the link to the .deb is dead.

Ok, nerd friends, I bet none of you can answer this question.

I’m trying to setup my TP-Link Archer A9 with OpenVPN so I can use it as a VPN (through my GL.iNet travel router) while traveling. However, it appears to randomly block some apps and make my android phone think there is no internet? It also seems like all non-HTTPS traffic might be blocked.


When do you turn on your tuner?

Suppose I have a well-matched antenna, I'm happy to run it without a tuner. But at what SWR do you turn the tuner on to get a better match?

Making a multi-band vertical based on this design,, and it all seems to be connected correctly! The only part I don't have and can't seem to find locally is a test hook clip to be the coil tap.

First attempt at a POTA activation today was a bust. Only managed to put two in the log, both park-to-park contacts. Until next time!

So I have this whip antenna that is about 4 ft long. According to the analyzer, it has a resonant point at about 152 MHz and another around 57 MHz. Can I modify this in any way to make it useful on a ham band?

Trying to work on my digimodes setup. A question for y'all (all I seem to post here is questions, I have a lot of them 😂), if I start WSPR in WSJT-X and after a transmission, see my call on the map, does that mean it worked or does the software report something itself?

I ask because I looked at the map immediately after transmitting and my call was on the map. But if I search it now, it doesn't show any spots.

When the 20m that I spent a lot of time trimming the other day suddenly has crappy SWR when I go to use it today. 😤

Some of the coax I got from my grandfather has this connection on it that screws right into the Heliwhip. But how do you attach this to something else to mount it? It has some teeth on two sides. Anybody know what this type of connection is called?

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Finally found the circuit diagram for the CAT and audio interface that I had previously made. This should help me get it working again. I hope!

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