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Has anyone ever mounted a 2m like the Diamond X50 above a TV antenna on the same mast? I'm thinking about doing that and want to make sure I'm not about to do something dumb.

Hello, I'm come from
I love hamradio activities and electronic hack.

@M0YNG @Wilfred A #towertuesday #fediTowerTuesday post showing my current set of antennas:
* Discone in foreground. 25MHz to 1.3GHz.
* Diamond X30 behind it, 2m and 70cm.
* Comet H422 on 40ft mast at back corner of house. 40, 20, 15, and 10m rotatable dipole.

Not visible:
* 40m end fed half wave at 20ft around back yard perimeter.
* 1090MHz and 978MHz ADSB receivers on shed in back yard.

Hey fediverse!

@Wilfred does but it's all from twitter :alex_sob:

Can we do and show off our aerials and stuff? :alex_partying: :radio_tower:

Good day all! Two decade ham here, interested in looking forward to sharing and learning from the group

Hi there ! welcome to my feed ! I'm a kind goof ball with quite a sense of humor ! I indulge in Ham Radio -F4JDF- as a tinkerer and dedicated clumsy DIY maker and lots of nerdy stuff like DIY FPV drones, arcade video games and so much things.

Will toot in french and english ! I haven't used that account much but that's gonna change from now on !

Hello all, I'm new here. I'll get my profile more set up later on. But for now, ! I've been a ham since 2015. I love most things Ham Radio and my primary interest is SOTA. I'm the Association Manager for W6 (California) SOTA. I also love to build kits and experiment with electronics in various ways. 73!

Hello, I am 47, Live in Phoenix AZ.

Usual geek hobbies, reading, gaming, I especially love playing tabletop RPGs

I am here to learn and explore radio, I am mostly interested in Digital Text Modes. IRLP, mesh networking, radio packet stuff, SDR, basically anything that allows me to mix computers and radio. Studying for license.

I’m Jim, N2ADV. I have been in and out of Amateur Radio since about the mid-80’s and enjoy everything from , , and to any mode I can get my hands on and everything in between. My parents were both hams as well so I’m a second generation ham.
I have a pretty eclectic collection of equipment including , , , , ans gear just to name some of it.

A device was pulling clock to ground, and now the Pi can't see any I²C devices.

Have I killed (yet another) Pi?

After some sanding between coats, the ‘N3VEM Radio Rocket’ now has its 3rd and final coat of paints. Next I’ll be hitting up Etsy or something similar to get someone to make me the vinyl decals I want. If any or folx have a favorite shop/vendor for vinyl lettering let me know.

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