Hi everyone,
As a swl enthusiast I am very pleased to join mastodon.radio channel.
French is my native language.

I'm looking for an ACTUAL RF engineer who understands the EE behind antenna impedance and radiation, to see whether I'm talking rubbish with this understanding or not:


Boost for visibility please?

@Fran you don't have any options (that I can see) for people born in a country they don't currently live in but might want to go there

@feoh not to derail your original point (talk to people, listen to people, ask questions, actually stop and think about things with empathy)

I DO think with suitable modifications to the methods and tools you COULD solder.

eg clamps for the PCB, components, and soldering iron, so you can position things correctly and they stay there.

use solder paste so it sticks where you put it and you don't have to feed the solder in

turn the iron on when everything is in place to melt, then off again

Hi, I'm new on mastodon. I'm 45, licensed since 2002 (former callsigns FM1GP and F4EXM). Unfortunately not very active for the moment : my tower is laying on the ground since last year, still digging the hole before pouring some concrete ;o)
TX are TS-850, IC-9700, QCX 40 and 20m. HF antennas are Fritzel FB-DX660 and OM-made fan dipole, VHF antenna is Cushcraft 17B2. Need some kick in the ass to be active in CW !
73 from Yannick - F8EXM

@wapitifass @postmarketOS WiFi hardware doesn't seem to be coming up at all. Which is known issue. Bluetooth control keeps crashing, which makes it impossible to add an external keyboard, USB networking doesn't seem to come up on my laptop. I gave up for now!

#OtD 5 Jul 1948 the UK National Health Service (NHS) was founded to provide free universal healthcare. The Labour Party started permitting charges in 1949 and it has been under attack ever since. It's up to us, the working class to defend it. libcom.org/library/driving-nhs

@wapitifass @postmarketOS hmm, I got it running but no luck with WiFi (or USB network) so far. Will keep playing :alex_thinking:

Here is a drone view of new tower as well as OptiBeam 10 element triband Yagi covering 20m, 17m, and 15m.

@workingclasshistory it would be great if there was some way to know how much shipping would be without having to complete half the order process...

@wapitifass @postmarketOS you inspired me to dig out the nexus 7 2013 (flo) and give it a try. It's currently "resizing file system during initial boot"

I just published a new blog article about my lightweight SOTA equipment that I carry with me on my long distance hiking tours.


Amateur Radio... 

Alright, I'm hoping to find some HAMs...

I have a 137 MHz antenna with a VSWR of 1.2-1.25 linear from 137-138 MHz...

It is a dipole, at 120 deg facing south.


Bonjour à tous, je découvre ce réseau. Je vois qu'il est bien vu de se présenter.
Donc moi, Kévin, 33 ans, radioamateur depuis 2012.
Ardechois depuis ma naissance, je suis passionné de radio depuis que je sais parler, mes pauvres parents 😅
Je suis également passionné d'informatique et de météorologie.
En dehors du radioamateurisme je suis sapeur pompier volontaire. Je suis aussi vendeur au rayon électricité en magasin de bricolage.

Merci de m'avoir lu.

Kevin. F4HBW.

What is your *most preferred* logbook for verifying contacts?

If you prefer something not listed, such as QSL cards or another website, please feel free to respond to this toot.

Apologies if this has been recently done before.

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