Playing with the Airspy HF+ Discovery (or trying to). It works fine with GQRX but the airspy utils, like airspy_rx don't work on my Pi or my Mac.

I *think* I need to update its firmware, but to do that I need to use Windows, so I'll have to do it at work.

Also, since I can't use the airspy tools I can't even work out what firmware release it currently has! Frustrating!

Got my HPSDR boards out. Setup PowerSDR (on windows, unfortunately!) and could listen in to a lot of 40m and 80m chatter. The noise reduction algorithms are so good! Next, setup a T/R switch, build a 20W amplifier and hook up the Tx. That would easily take me a few weekends. I badly need a 20m antenna now. It seem to be getting very active here! Heard russia, ukraine, poland and a few south east asian stations..

@bamfic for me, we all need to start acting like people are different.

I see plenty of attempts at inclusion assuming that because it is inclusive, everyone will like it.

Society functions best with everyone involved, but that doesn't mean everyone is involved in the same way.

I'm sure you have many great things to offer that a highly communal society would value, but that doesn't mean you have to sit with them all day every day.

@vertigo I really like the look of a TS-80 soldering iron, can run off a USB power pack, so you'd be able to use it too!

Please welcome @kc0swj !

@kc0swj, please toot an so we can get to know you 😀 add some hashtags too so we know what interests you.

You can find more people in the instance in the directory
(you can opt into this too once you have 10 "friends", and add tags to your profile) and the local timeline.

And this list of radio amateurs on mastodon, may be of interest:

And there are apps!

In tusky, when you add an image, in the bottom right corner of the preview is A ☑, tap that and select "set caption"

@mntmn oo, I like neofetch, not seen that before.

*installs it*

@vertigo no problem! Your follow-up toots were great.

I'd put in a screenshot of my terminal, but it's just the text you tooted, and/or "Image - None", so wouldn't add much!

@vertigo could I badger you into putting a description on your images please?

Not everyone can see, and not everyone can load the images (plus I'm working on a text only client!)


if you use the advanced mastodon interface, and you search for a hashtag, it will create a new column.

You can then pin that column, and it will stay open and refresh with new toots containing the hashtag.

Hello mastodon people!

@oneironaut is doing a masters thesis on alternative social networks and privacy.

If you could lend half an hour to an hour to talk, I'm sure it would help a lot!

@paladin1 @design_RG @freemo

Thanks, this was what prompted me to ask.
I got the impression that this specific keyboard wasn't entirely suitable for a first attempt.

I really like the idea of making a DIY split keyboard.

However, there are many, and I've not made one before.

Does anyone have any suggestions for specific designs to look at, or places to find good information on?

@irina OK, sure, but what if you change your mind? How will you turn the tracking back on if they don't ask you?

(sarcastic devil's advocate here)

@irina because if you say "no cookies" how can they store a small amount of information in your browser so that they know what you want next time?

What's the best mince pie this year then?

It's December, so mince pie season imo

@M0YNG Project updates:

Frequency synthesizer works great. Quite happy with it.

On the process of sorting the 4.915 mhz crystals. I am more or less done. Some crystals are drifting pretty fast after turning on -- the least significant digit on the counter (1 hz resolution counter) is slowly going up. A couple of crystals didn't oscillate at all. Other than that, things are looking good.

Pretty productive sunday afternoon.

My personal website / amateur radio blog is now available via


That time I spent moving to and trying to make it as fast as possible really pays off.

@m0puh I've seen plenty of weather stations, not sure I've seen one reporting radiation though! That could be fun.
☢ 📻

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