@vertigo I use it a lot. You can get away with just downloading the zip and using your own server... Eg python.

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A 96-year-old ham radio operator from Toronto ticked a wish off her bucket list when she talked to an astronaut on the International Space Station.

Full story: toronto.ctvnews.ca/1.4779505

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CTVToronto/status/

Ride Eternal free d/l codes 

@cavaliertusky yes. I had one running pihole, vpn, syncthing, and more.

I'd suggest looking at wireguard too, depending on your use case. For me, it gives better battery life on my mobile phone than openvpn

Open source (software and hardware) voice standard for amateur radio:



@Shufei I do some light gaming, mostly cities skylines. I have a graphics card, but it doesn't need a separate power cable.

Darn it. Looks like my desktop computer's power supply has died. Rapid short beeping at post.

What's a good replacement?
I'd like high efficiency, ideally semi modular cables (I don't have many in use)
Currently have 600w, but don't really know what my system requires!

@QOTO does encouraging people to follow locked accounts not seem a little disingenuous?

If someone has a locked account and hasn't accepted your follow request, maybe don't use a technical workaround to do it anyway?

@drwho a lot of the operators I know don't work on anything newer than Windows 98

@bcshort yes! Confused me too.

And exclamation marks are typed with a period, backspace, and apostrophe.

@DL6MHC @sp6mr careful with those.

A lot of ubiquity equipment does not use the poe standard.
I killed a phone that way.

@DL6MHC @sp6mr you can connect anything that supports SIP. just ask for an "experimental" line if it's not officially supported.

When you sign up there is a choice of HHUS (usa servers) and HHEU (European servers)
You should get better latency with the EU servers

@vfrmedia I have one. Ebay is your source 😁

Mine is remote control and came with a sticky pad to aid in secreting it!

@DL6MHC yup. I've used it on another isp and it worked fine. I've also been told by others using my isp that they had to get the "SIP ALG" disabled for their connection (obviously support don't understand the request / deny it exists depending on competence)

The phone also works perfectly on my in network pbx.

Please help me fediverse!

I have a phone for
It works, but my isp is interfering with sip, and I can't get anywhere with tech support (😲)

I'm wondering if a on a vps might mitigate this...
However, although the phone supports a vpn, I can't find out +what+ vpn it is supposed to use.

I suspect it might be a proprietary cisco one.

So, is it possible?
Will it help?
What vpn protocol does it use?
What server software do I need?
Is there an open source option?

@ben I think it depends on how it is stored.

Flash memory must have a different weight per data than magnetic?

What about punch cards? Do we measure the holes or the geometry or the card?

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