If you want a small, easy, modem that just works on your

Get this

Wvdial detected it immediately.

Do NOT buy this

32 bit x86 only drivers, even if you compile (not that it's easy to find how to!) it needs an mmx capable cpu

Do you know if some kind of BBS exists on HF bands ?
I see fldigi is able to manage several protocol : KISS and AX25

thanks again @witchy for the pointer to dmrconfig - I wrote up a tiny little report on it here

mostly to say "it works for me", and to also note `qdmr`

which looks like it's derived from the same codebase.

@es0mhi thanks for taking the time to provide such a detailed answer.

I think I understand the theory better now, but will need some more time (and sleep) to put it into practice!


@es0mhi @dl4mat maybe this is just duo, but things that confuse me is things like

"since I am hungry, I am eating"

Which I'd think would be
"Da ich habe Hunger, ich esse"

But apparently is
"Da ich Hunger habe, esse ich"

@dk2fk well that's what I do.

@witchy has been using it too I think, sure we can work it out together!

Conjunctions seem to be the hardest thing for me in German so far, not sure why.
It seems that the sentance structure is different to normal, or maybe that's just Duolingo.

@witchy very annoying.

I do wish radio manufacturers would just work with good open source software rather that writing the absolute 💩 they currently pump out for every radio.

What firmware version do you have?

visual impairment 

@nethope I work on a basis of "supply and demand"

If I think it can, or should, be recycled - I supply it and demand they do something with it.

@witchy hmm, it seemed to screw up my aprs.
It changed the text to some random mess of a string, that crashes the radio if you open that bit of the menu

@K3LTC hmm, can't get that to compile on my pi 🤷‍♂️

I'm sure I saw a toot recently about a monitor, i.e. that shows system status for multiple PIs in one place.

I can't find the toot, and it's really hard to search for ("monitor" gives displays, "system info" gives info on oled displays etc.)

Can anyone help point me at what it is I can't remember?

Just renewed the domain and server for another year.

Entirely optional donation method if you'd like to support our instance

@g0lfp maybe leave me a message on his bbs!


I think G0TMP was doing something too, but never managed to contact him.

@g0lfp G0USL has a bbs on that frequency, it's not exactly swamped with users though! I think I'm the only station to connect since May.

@sharp that's got to be a rounding error, or someone didn't know if the data was counting in 1000 or 1024

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