Hello, I'm Steve, G0LFP located IO81XV
Not particularly active on but you might find me on or Probably on
2m is hot favourite at the moment, usually running about 25W to a 10 element yagi. HF if I'm there is via a 40m doublet.
Other interests include with the family of cameras and some lenses.

73 fer now

Steve [G0LFP]

Everyone, please welcome @g0lfp

@g0lfp, please toot an so we can get to know you 😀 add some hastags too so we know what interests you.

You can find more people in the instance in the directory
(you can opt into this too once you have 10 "friends", and add tags to your profile) and the local timeline.

And this list of radio amateurs on mastodon, may be of interest: pad.dc7ia.eu/p/radio_amateurs_

And there are apps!

Happy tooting!

@sp6mr ah yes, good point.
My radios almost all display callsign when turned on, I might change that to explicitly say "belongs to M0YNG"...

Instance Block #instanceAdmin 

@DC7IA is just cancelled my Netflix, so probably not the best person to help!

I prefer to have the dvd or bluray.

BBC iplayer has lots of good stuff, especially enjoying The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan recently, and What We Do In The Shadows

@DC7IA I guess it depends what you want to watch.

In the UK options are limited if you don't want to support sky and their monopoly (they own now TV)

Also when you block from the Web there is an option to report the account too, do that if you want me to do something

@andrew awesome! Let me know where you get it from, I might copy you.

Also, considering trans people seem to risk "getting decked" for existing, I feel like we shouldn't worry too much...

Oh look, mastodon.radio is a year old!

I posted the first toot here a year ago yesterday.


Hello Mastodon! This is a new instance for the amateur radio community. 📻

@ehashman mastodon can do full text search, but it takes a lot of extra resources so most instances don't have it enabled.

@Wilfred well if you will keep talking about erections.

Seriously though, they are spam, we don't know what they are doing with the data they collect by following people, and they use up our resources for no benefit to our community.

I can block accounts from the entire instance, which is what I do in these cases.
(Other option is to "silence" so only people who follow the remote account see their toots)

@Wilfred @sp6mr probably because I blocked "her"

Please do let me know about anything shady like this, I can and will take action

@Wilfred Best wishes to you all.
I hope it can be easily and quickly fixed!

@freemo I'd argue that when talking to children, ANY science is a good thing, and it will more likely turn INTO good science

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