Has anyone on mastodon.radio tried the new "not advanced" user interface?

If you pop open your preferences, look for the "Enable advanced web interface" checkbox. Make sure it is un-checked (empty) and save your settings (bottom of the page)

Let me know what you think!

Contacts so far at the @G5BK "on the air evening" have been

* G3VKV via a satellite usb + online sdr/ 2m fm Cross band
* @G3YYH via AM across the car park

This is a carrot flower.

I didn't pull them all up last year, and these have grown. Some are almost 2m tall.

I guess I should get lots of seeds this way!

Semi permanent maybe install of the packet radio.

Has a ups of sorts too, there is a float charger connected to a SLAB which is powering radio, pi, and printer.

APRS still running on receive... Now to try and get it to send too.

From the command line obviously.

I think... With a large dollop of luck... It works?

TNC-Pi now using i2c, listening for packets. Packets are logged to a file. Inotify watches for changes to that file, when then occur tail grabs the last two lines and sends them to print via serial.

Finally got the collinear back up (well, it's temporary not in the downstairs loo so it's an improvement OK?)

Sat in the sun trying radios old and new and ignored!

Heck yes, I'm feeling geeky today.

Just replaced the battery in my Macbook Pro. I don't want to think about what it would have cost to get apple to do it for me!

Actual cost £60 -15% (thanks @m0puh) from eBay and more time spent removing old adhesive than anything else.

It works! Best £0.01 (+ postage) I've spent on ebay!

We now have voip phone in the shed/shack on extension 7433 (shed)

It's some awful software though...

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