It lives!

This is an aprs thing designed by F4GOH, it can tx your location based on the GPS module.
As it is powered by an arduino in theory it can do a lot more, such as send and receive text messages. It has an oled which would suit this job I think.

It seems to be trying to tx, but the packet isn't being decoded on my other radio, so it seems more debugging is required.

Ever wondered what's in your antenna?

The cover on my new stubby one apparently lacks anything to keep it on.

Hmm. Not sure epaper is supposed to do this when it goes to sleep…

No, you spent far too long writing a shell script to scrape how many packages can be upgraded that posts the data to a php script that stores the data in a json file and sends you a message via your pager if it is more than one.

Then adding it to the daily cron of all your computers around the house.

Then actually running the updates.

PSU fan circuit was stuck on.
Replaced fan with a silent noctua, and taken the fan control circuit out of use completely by using a voltage divider on the 24v to provide a constant 12v to the fan.

Hopefully this will provide adequate cooling.

It seems one of the two epaper displays is dead on arrival.

Spent far too long trying to get it to work yesterday, then tried the other and the example code worked immediately 😩

I also took too long to work out the way it does three colours.
You have two BMP files, on is black and white, and one is black and white.
The first draws black for black and white for white.
The second draws nothing for white, and yellow for black.

This test was made in gimp and displayed using python

When I bought my mmdvm for I was cheap and didn't get one with a display.

Finally got around to buying one and adding it was very simple and worked first time!

I really like the split colours, having the network logo in yellow and the rest in blue looks really good.

Probably cost more over all though…

Trying to make a new player on

It's got the starting Pokémon in a heap and you cant select any of them. So you can't catch any. So you can't play the game.

The fans in my psu run constantly, even without load. they didn't used to.

I guess a temperature sensing something has failed and it just runs the fans at full as a safety thing…

It's an EP-925 apparently.

Added another section to the 2m/70cm "mast" so it's now twice as tall!

Well, maybe 1/3 taller because it is mounted on a fence.
Added around 1m of height, and the end of the HF is also attached under the collinear rather than the top of the fence.

Not sure it will make much difference but it might with marginal signals.

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