Can't stop thinking about this fortune cookie I got earlier in the week...

How do you power your raspberry pi zero?
Solar panel to buck regulator to super capacitor to lipo shim is a sensible way, right?

Tip: when making up a charging cable for your cheap Chinese radio that didn't come with a plug for your country - don't guess at the polarity of the connector or assume it will have reverse polarity protection.

It's been a sunny day and my 20w solar panel barely keeps up.

I don't need a 50w panel, I don't need a 50w panel...

This came incredibly quickly, thanks @bleeptrack

Now I just need to work out what to do with it.
And how to do that...

Had a pedestrian mobile QSO in the snow (not settling ☹️) with G6AHX on 70cm simplex. Pretty sure they were doing the hard work compared to my tiny radio on 0.5w

People want to browse mastodon over right?


Well it's a good thing that this is just an experiment then.


No guarantee of uptime, speed, quality, etc.

Here are my two

The top one connects to my hf radio and I connect via vnc to run data modes like and

The bottom one hides beneath a TNC-Pi and connects to the radio below it. Currently it is serving as an igate on 2m

I still need to take down and fix my hf aerial after the winds earlier in the week. That loop shouldn't be there and is caused by the pole segments collapsing into themselves.


Got some more bits of my map thing working today.

* Things that move whilst the map is open leave a trail (in addition to loading the historic trail from the server) and actually move
* Things that transmit whilst the map is open have an animation that shows you they have transmitted

(I couldn't find anything that would show APRS stations you heard on the air that was remotely accessible, they all seem to be desktop software from the '90s, so I've made this for the browser.)

Showing off, duolingo year review 

I'm not usually one to show off, but I didn't think I'd put that much time and effort into duolingo this year... I haven't been doing it for a while because it got boring tbh

Maybe I need to use the German to talk to people (on the radio maybe?) not just study on my phone in the hope of getting good enough to talk to people.

Left my radio running for almost 24 hours of on 40m, looks like a good band to be using at this time of year.

Some of this is DX I've not worked before, so maybe I need to get up early to try and get New Zealand at 06:57 my time!

Think someone is using the default APRS location on their new radio!

F4GOH chilling out in nature.

Got it all to fit in the box!
Had to use a flat cell rather than the 18650.

Not sure what to make the button do... maybe change mode (car, bike, walking, etc.) or toggle position ambiguity?

Anyone know what font is being used for the "CARA NEWS" bit?

It's the very first issue of CARA News (@G5BK) from 1977!

I think I have packed everything into the box!

F4GOH's aprs thing
Lipo cell
Cell charger, and boost converter
Oled screen
GPS module
USB extension for updating the code
Power switch
SMA extension for aerial

It's so tight the only thing glued in is the power module so it remains aligned to the hole on the back for charging!

Trying to work out how to fit all of the bits into a box that is slightly too small...

This is an thing designed by F4GOH

It lives!

This is an aprs thing designed by F4GOH, it can tx your location based on the GPS module.
As it is powered by an arduino in theory it can do a lot more, such as send and receive text messages. It has an oled which would suit this job I think.

It seems to be trying to tx, but the packet isn't being decoded on my other radio, so it seems more debugging is required.

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