Would Big Clive approve?

Made a frankeniron from a cheap USB soldering iron, a 1500mAh recovered cell from "a vapour device" and a USB-C lithium charge controller 5v2a boost board thing.

Sure, I could just plug it into a battery pack for soldering in the field, but what if it had it's own power? That would be better!

The yellow button is the trigger for turning on and off the charge module's output.

Currently charging off the solar panel so I can solder WITH THE POWER OF THE SUN!

Picked up some pink "chalk" spray paint in aldi the other day. Because why not?

Then I remembered that @xssfox paints their radios, and I wanted to do that too!

So I practised on a PMR!

I think it looks ok, but not great.

Walked around docs last night.

Took some photos using @oppen 's camera using the Ilford_ht5_1 lut.

These are some of my favourite photos from the set.

I'm sometimes slow to approve accounts on mastodon.radio because I want to do it right.

* look at pending accounts
* confirm email is confirmed (not visible on approval page!)
* confirm I'm happy with reason
* select for approval
* copy usernames (using snippet in dev console)
* approve
* copy old welcome toot
* paste usernames into welcome toot
* send toot
* find accounts again
* follow the new accounts

But mastodon has an API and a great python library.

Soooo now I can do this

More instance statistics!

Mastodon's software makes heavy use of Sidekiq, which does parallel processing of "stuff"

For example when you post a toot, that's a job for sidekiq to tell the other instances.
Or make a poll, sidekiq will schedule a job for when it ends.
Notifications etc. all done by sidekiq.

This is the chart of jobs sidekiq has processed (blue, top line) over the last 6 months.

(red are failed jobs, with are often due to remote servers being offline or other similar issues)

And we're back!
Now with double the CPU and double the RAM!

Also double the disk space - but that's not going to make an obvious difference to performance like the CPU and RAM will.

I've dropped an email to our hosting company about upgrading the VPS mastodon.radio runs on, as it's working very hard right now.

I fixed my site's feed!

Before it was giving everything the same update date so wasn't that useful, but now it works properly!


You can also follow it using if you subscribe to this page


Yes, of course my Citroën handles the accents in track titles correctly. Not sure why I find this surprising.

Bad places to do - the kitchen.

Sure, you have space, and power, and hot things are usually in here.
But PLA doesn't work well when it gets wet, and a kitchen is a great place for moist air to be absorbed into the filament.

The result for me was steam coming out of the nozzle and the extruded plastic "spitting" and throwing blobs of plastic out at a time, followed by no filament being extruded for a moment.

What's inside those cheap portable thermal printers that look like cats?

I would like to transplant the insides of one, ideally work out how to drive it from serial... So I bought and opened it up!

The battery is marked 1200mAH at 7.4v

The print head itself is jx-2r-01b1 (which seems common)

PCB marked GW-J532(v1.5) and has chips marked
- AT8833 AK07BAY (motor driver)
- JL AC218BP0A787-21A8 (micro controller? Connects to Bluetooth aerial, motor control, ribbon cable)

:alex_partying: We have more new emoji! :alex_heart_eyes:

The awesome @dzuk has made us three new emoji of @alex based on @Anna 's original art.

Now we can express our
:alex_heart_eyes: love
:alex_grimace: grimace
:alex_partying: party

ps. Dzuk's chair is broken, maybe throw them some coin to help? :alex_thinking:

The I'm babysitting isn't quite big enough to print the whole chassis of the computer in one go, so I've had to slice it into two halves.

This took 4.5 hours and I am very pleased with it!

That's one bit done, three more bits of the chassis plus some covers.
Plus all the electronics...

Anyone able to debug this issue?

The part has a large flat base and it is peeling up every five or so passes.

Do I have too much heat? Not enough?
PLA, 200 extruder, 60 bed

I've been playing with a 3d printer. It's fun!

I'd like to adjust existing models and make my own.

What's everyone using for on for ?

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