Well at least I shouldn't have to worry about wear levelling?

The memory on this TNC-Pi is the bottom left chip, 23k.
The sd card was on offer, and is 128gb...

New year, new month, new pages in the

I try to keep to the original minimalist approach, which works OK for me.

Going to try adding some daily "journals" in addition to the normal to do stuff this year, so I can remember what happened not just what I had to do.

Obviously I'll be putting actual stuff in here, but thought I'd share before it was full of private stuff.

So, here's the plan.

Packet radio using TNC-Pi, with dialup as backup / access for people who can't reach over rf (it's only a 10w radio)

Probably won't be a classic bbs, but possibly something you can telnet into and access mastodon.radio via command line, maybe some basic "email", possibly access specific sites over gopher?

It won't forward anything to the Internet, but I'm thinking it could proxy specific stuff.

Because everyone needs a client that can display polls, right?

Oh ok.
Just me.

*keeps hacking*


I tried to improve my 1p ebay voip phone.
I replaced the barrel connection to be micro USB, but in the process broke the switch that tells the phone if the handset is up or down.
So I soldered in a manual switch to let me override, but it didn't work, and then I managed to break the pcb trace trying to fix it.

Then I found this cisco SPA525G phone on ebay (for more than 1p!)

What to do with it...
Obviously it's already on my home pbx and

Yet more pointless pager things!

I think I can send APRS messages to my pager now too.

If you'd like to try, send a message to M0YNG-10
and it should appear on my pager 📟

My pager arrived!
I've had excellent service from the support team, and have everything registered and online (including my pistar for tx)

And, it worked!

Getting ready for !

🎃 🦇

This smoke machine had an accident last year. I've soldered it back together.
The other one has a dodgy switch so hoping I can find a suitable replacement.

I got a pager!

I'm hoping that I can swap the crystal and bring it into the 70cm amateur band.

Anyone have any experience with this?
It's a Scope GEO 40A9M and the back says 454-460 MHz

It looks like a 21.4MHz crystal.

Think I've "derisked" the main bits of going from RF to fediverse.

Next step will be different message types, then I'll try handling actual messages.

Got the APRS radio back in the shed.

I want to do cool stuff with it (like aprs to Fediverse) but not had the time yet.

It has battery backup of sorts, a 12v slab connected to a cheap "battery float charger", but it is quite rf noisy. Another thing to fix.

I also want to do some proper packet radio stuff, so I really should solder the other tnc pi kit and connect up radio number 2!

Think I'm ready to talk at @G5BK about .

Feel free to send messages to M0YNG-5 (I might even get them!)

This little plasma globe is usb powered, but had a barrel connection.
I've removed the barrel, and replaced with micro USB. Now I can use a normal cable!
(nothing to do with losing the original cable...)

Replaced my phone's smashed screen!

£30 and half an hour of scraping glass fragments, plus some quick super glue action.
Cheaper (and better for the environment) than a new phone...

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