The fans in my psu run constantly, even without load. they didn't used to.

I guess a temperature sensing something has failed and it just runs the fans at full as a safety thing…

It's an EP-925 apparently.

Added another section to the 2m/70cm "mast" so it's now twice as tall!

Well, maybe 1/3 taller because it is mounted on a fence.
Added around 1m of height, and the end of the HF is also attached under the collinear rather than the top of the fence.

Not sure it will make much difference but it might with marginal signals.

I did not know this was a thing!

eQSL from R9A-2530 SWL station in russia confirming my FT8 contact with PE10ID

I've got to be doing something really wrong to get this right?

I've tried different serial connection speeds, but anything I get over the dialup connection is just nonsense.

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This is seriously the most exciting thing I've done with

I only regret wasting so much time and effort on trying to get a homebrew interface working when I could have been having contact and not getting bored and frustrated.

The new aerial is a half size G5RV, currently quite sloping.
I'd like to get the ends up a bit higher.
Central support is currently a fibre glass fishing rod.

I'm on the air on 20m and getting out to Europe by the looks of it.

First contact logged using cloudlog.

Ended up net controller for the @G5BK club meeting net thing in GB3CG.

16 stations in my list, plus I hear there was activity on 2m simplex, 10m, and more!

No, _you_ got a new Bluetooth mechanical keyboard and connected it to your phone and wrote a pointless toot denying doing that thing using that keyboard you just said you don't have.

It's a "Royal Kludge" RK61 in black, with orange lights, and brown switches.
Nice tactile feedback, not too much noise, and a very compact layout I'm finding shockingly easy to adapt to.
This is going to live in a bag with a laptop so size matters. It has a built in battery and can pair with three devices plus USB.

One of my patch cables fell apart, literally, the connector just came away from the cable.

I've been using this for at least a year? Maybe more?

On close inspection, I can't see that this was ever soldered at all?
That central wire doesn't have any evidence of solder.

Maybe the wire that is soldered is still in the connector and the wire failed?

But when?

Makes me wonder about all the failed contacts and time spent shouting CQ into the void...

Just setting up the radio on 20m... It's windy.

Actually. Forget that.


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