Ended up with 8 bottles of , and 7 bottles of cinnamon-ish mead.
4 bottles have already been consumed!
The cinnamon isn't very strong, but is different. Will need to experiment more next time...

The has been bottled!
Approximately 16% and quite clear.
I don't have enough bottles to do the cinnamon one too, so some drinking will need to occur!

Yummy! Black Friday goodies arrived. I couldn't resist 128gb micro sd cards for less than 12p per gig.

Moved the ADSB pi into the attic.
9 Element Colinear working quite well I think...

I think the charge regulator circuit is faulty... Running hot enough to do this to the box.
Oh, and it's giving 12v from the input... Which is definitely wrong.

It's wet, but let's try this! I'm going to be on 40m for a bit. In the rain. In the car.

It's alive! Voltage regulated, solar charging, 18650 cell packing, portable power box!
Let's hope it doesn't catch fire...

Trying to remember how this was supposed to be wired up... Hopefully I'll get it working before the @G5BK field weekend.
Its a 18650 power pack with voltage regulation and solar charging capacity.

I'm not sat in the car with my laptop trying to reprogram my radio...

Talking to M6OTN/m via the GB3UK repeater. Using the 1w baofeng in the garden and it's working well.


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