I was thinking we were getting a lot of USA hams join recently, and where was everyone else ...

Apparently France noticed and now I'm going to have to learn French so I can read all the new users!

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@M0YNG we can be kind and use English for most of the time

Being HAM is a nice way to improve language skills. Most of HAMs I know have at least beginner speaking skills in two or three languages. I can compare it only to linguists I know

I think there's also an inverse correlation with country size. The smaller the country, the more languages ordinary people tend to know.

I've been using the Fedilab android app and really enjoy its built in translation feature.

@M0YNG I might be biased, but I find it nice to find French people here 😄
But yeah we'll try to toot in English as well!

@M0YNG For yesterday : we’re a bunch of friends the got a bit fed up of what the ham French twitter sphere is becoming soooo… here we are !

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