It’s working! Just had my first QSO on Hubnet via Allstar with some wonderful people helping me to configure my audio levels. This is way more fun than DMR.

@dl5psy This is an AllstarLink node which consists of

* Raspberry pi 4 with Asterisk (voip software)
* modified Baofeng 888s
* DC-DC converters
* modified USB soundcard

With this I have my personal FM simplex repeater at home which is able to connect to other Allstar nodes as well as to Echolink hosts (not tried yet). With a simple analog FM HT you can connect to other nodes via DTMF and work the world.

Here is a good starting point:
And here:

@dl5psy Since it is working now, I can now do the fun stuff, eg. adding a LCD to the frontpanel.

I was thinking about posting a write-up on my website so I won't forget what I've done when I need to fix something in the future ;)

@DL6MHC I even started watching the video already before you posted it. must have seen it in my TL before... but 🐿️ 🧠


@dl5psy I really like this channel - lots of good info well presented. I built the node because of this video popping up in my recommendations :)

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