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Hey all,

I am from Germany. did my License A in 2017, but as I lived in a big city, I had not space for any kind of rig.

So I used handhelds on U/VHF and played with SDRs. I recently moved to the country side and plan to build a shack here.

Besides ham, I work in IT, but my main focus, attention and thoughts are on the developing climate catastrophe currently.

Hence I am interested also in thinking beyond the normal path we go as operators.

Link up :)

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@dl5psy : Actually, CB does seem to have activity. I happened to stumble over today, which presently shows 5 stations that are actively receiving JS8 on 11 m (on 4 different frequencies, though 🤔).

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Any idea what else I could try? nfortunately, I do not have a [prtable 12v power supply. Otherwise I would carry everything up a hill and see if it is that...

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CB radio update:
I got a new coax to connect the antenna and that did something. It seems like the prev. plugs where not plugging well.
However, it doesn't make me hear anything but noise. The "positive" change is, that I can hear on AM that the noise is modulated.

So most likely it is artifical and not due to the antenna or something like that.

Two things I can do next: Get a SWR meter to check if the antenna needs shortening and/or go to a more rural place with less noise.

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@dl5psy yes! You can do all the UK tests online now. And we have "temporarily" removed the requirement for a practical in the foundation license.

Did corona affect how ham radio license tests are conducted in your country?

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Hey everyone, a supernova just went off in Cassiopeia!!!! Right now it is in the early stage so only visible by telescope but after a few days it is likely to be visible to the naked eye. Supernovas are fairly rare so might want to make some time to see this one!

#astronomy #Astrophotography #space #science

"How Amateur Radio Fans Decoded SpaceX's Telemetry & Engineering Video"

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Sollte ich irgendwann einmal wieder auf der Reeperbahn in HH ein Konzert besuchen, dann wohl nicht im "Docks" oder der "Grossen Freiheit 36".

Dies sind sicher deutschlandweit nicht die einzigen Locations, die eine bemerkenswerte Nähe zu Verschwörungserzählern, Coronaleugnern und Nazis suchen. Ich werde es mir merken. Vernunftbegabte Leute sollten derartiges Verhalten "honorieren".


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Any operators who might want to help with an offroad triathlon in northern ? Looking for volunteers to hang out for a weekend in July. Race by @endracing.

Got a CB radio with wire antenna, but I hear nothing. :-/ Not sure what it is.

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How often do you make repeat contacts with the same station?
I often see stations I've worked before on ft8 etc. But its very rare for me to speak to the same station more than once using a "conversational" mode on HF.

I wonder if this is common, or am I just unlucky to not have made any Kong distance RF friends?

Do band conditions impact this a lot or a little? Did you have more repeat contacts years ago but not now?

It is easy to find ham operators on mastodon. just type 2 letters and a number into search. Profit!

Ah, whose coax got wet a day after he installed them? 😬

it ws only a few drops of rain. I hope it will be fine. I culd waterproof them, but it is really meant to be used where needed, not in a fixed place.

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WSJT-X 2.4.0-rc2 has been announced.

This includes bug fixes and improvements to Q65 and removes the ISCAT mode. Expect 2.3.1 soon too.

Release notes at:

Announcement at:

Downloads at: as normal.

More and more of my friends report about sporadic power outages in the US. Is it really getting that bad over there?

Totally uncorrelated: I see more and more videos on youtube about how to make your own battery backup system... but that is probably the algorithm.

From a beginner friendly German CB guide:

88 Küsschen (heutzutage sehr selten, da fast keine YL [Funkerin] mehr aktiv sind)"
88 - Kisses (very rare nowadays as there are almost no YL [female radio ops] active anymore)"

Well, this sounds promising on so many levels! -.-

jesus fucking christ. Yikes!

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I would like install a antenna, I will have a mast for that on the roof. I would like an omnidirectionnal antenna and I hesitate between a ground plane and a simple dipole.
What do you recommend?

So, the plan is to get CB station radios and batteries for emergency situations. Setup now is without batteries, but I plan to get two solar generators sooner or later.

Why CB? License free, easy to use, low power demands. 👍

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