Want to join a channel, but prefer to stay comfortable within your account? Turns out matrix.org runs a XMPP gateway - so you can just join a MUC using the `#homeserver.tld@matrix.org` JID!

Also I love the overall design of this device. Bootup animation is a water drop video (1bit black and white, no less), and the back cover is sttlized to look like a water ripples. That's all under a transparent piece of plastic, thet makes it look really cool IMO

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I think the cutest thing on this device is how it has a read-only simple PIM included. gnomad2 doesn't seem to allow syncing with it, but I absolutely love the idea of using this unironically back in the day

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I love the feeling of old things still working.

I've found this fella in a drawer some time ago. It wasn't working - the hard drive inside didn't survive when it was dropped on the floor some time ago. Turns out it's possible to (carefully) disassemble it and replace with a Compact Flash card, as it uses a standard PATA interface. Add to that a new battery from AliExpress and... somehow I wasn't able to flash it with a new firmware. (1/2)

Maybe it's not supported anymore, but definitely it's fun!

Looks like local repeaters are advertising themselves using Bulletin Messages. Cool, even though personally I wouldn't allow them to bounce off digipeaters 😉

Now I can confirm - over works. Now I'm waiting for the reception confirmation from @sp6hfe , to whom I've sent the message.

while more or less forced to stay at home, we have tried to make roast potatoes from serious eats. I can definitely recommend making them, and we will definitely make them again

Works nicely over telnet. Next step - over the air experiments on NanoPi NEO and a cheap Baofeng. Waiting for parts to come to a postal box near me. Until then - if anyone is interested, message me on 😀

Meanwhile I still think that is the comfiest way to use , ever. Thanks, @kensanata !

If anyone wants to use it too, then here you go: wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoMastodon

I'm playing with an Polish GPS navigation software that was very popular pirated during the early '00 and now can be bought on Android for a reasonable price, and turns out it has repeaters, aprs digipeaters and ham radio weather stations as POI included by default. Neat!


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