Anyone here with DM-1801? How far are you able to reach? Mine works just fine with a hotspot, but opening a repeater about 1km away is a challenge. Analog repeaters work a bit better

Converting BrandMeister contact list and repeater list to CSV expected by Baofeng 1801:

Using Mastodon through IRC feels way better than I thought it would

Baofeng 1801 should be delivered today. here I come!

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Just got refused service in shoe shop - physical one, but only with computers to browse the offer - for declining marketing emails

I'm playing with an Polish GPS navigation software that was very popular pirated during the early '00 and now can be bought on Android for a reasonable price, and turns out it has repeaters, aprs digipeaters and ham radio weather stations as POI included by default. Neat!

rtlsdr found in the deepest, forgotten depths of the drawer + rpi3 which is running 24/7 Pi-Hole anyway = shiny new receive-only IGate!

There's email and SMS gateway. Is there a fediverse one?

Hello, my name is Michał and I'm a HAM from Poland. Quite a fresh operator - I've got my licence for a year and a half - interested in APRS and digital modes, but recently trying to go on HF bands. I also like riding a bike wherever possible. Thanks!


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