First tests of Whizz Loop finished - as expected, it's not a magic antenna that works wonders indoors. But on the balcony it pretty much worked, it can be tuned to low enough SWR, and it's so small that I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with it.

Just ordered a Whizz Loop. I hope it will let me get on HF from my apartment! Can't wait :D

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Now seems as good a time as any to randomly mention that you can - but absolutely don't have to - contribute to the running costs of

(I just paid to renew the server for another year!)

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I've had a ticket open with BrandMeister since 26th August and not had anything happen to it.

Does anyone know Mark Robinson or Rudy (PD0ZRY)? They are the two people who need to "approve" it apparently.

Or any other way to kick this?

@M0YNG Also keep in mind that I've got no background in security. It would be fun if people could tell me what would be the problem with such solution, given APRS limitations - ability to be used in the field, and no transmission encryption.

@M0YNG (2/2) That's why each user would have to provide a password as the first word in the message, that would be discarded. But this password would be openly visible in APRS network, so it would have to be able to be used only once. That's why each user should be able to define multiple APRS passwords in its profile - all known only to that user, and each discarded after first use. List of passwords could be, for example, printed out on paper. What do you think? Overcomplicated? 😀

@M0YNG (1/2) I think I've got an idea about how to do mastodon over in a way that would be slightly more secure than the APRS-IS Passcode.
Each user would have to register first and claim its own callsign. Messages from all callsigns which are not claimed are automatically ignored. Different SSIDs appended to callsigns would have to be handled. But this would not solve the issue of someone looking at used callsigns and using them to post.

Just discovered that the new Pi-Star supports POCSAG - that is the pager network, for the same pagers that you may remember from the 90s. If this isn't cool, then I don't know what is!

My started to hang/crash when sending packets - and transmitting silence indefinitely. Turns our it's nothing a simple configuration reset wouldn't fix, but still - strange

My first HAM meet today. Hope 2 hours drive will be worth it!

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Hey #cccamp19, you know everything you buy from Decathlon has a long-range UHF RFID tag on it, and I have a reader with 10m range?

145 unique tags scanned from a quick walk around the Milliways area.

Looks like, thanks to YSF2DMR, I'll be back on using my radio :D maybe we need a common TG for ?

First radio lost to the "wilderness" (well, suburbs tbh) - check. It was nice knowing you, Baofeng 1801!

Tool published a new single yesterday, and the album is on the way; their music also appeared on Spotify

Yesterday together with SP6HFE we tuned my inverted V built partially from trash with a cheap RigExpert and got 1.5 SWR on 20 meters. Great success!

Anyone here with DM-1801? How far are you able to reach? Mine works just fine with a hotspot, but opening a repeater about 1km away is a challenge. Analog repeaters work a bit better

Converting BrandMeister contact list and repeater list to CSV expected by Baofeng 1801:

Using Mastodon through IRC feels way better than I thought it would

Baofeng 1801 should be delivered today. here I come!

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