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older and slower computers are Valid, Actually

we should be finding ways to keep computers out of landfill, and in operation for as close to indefinitely as possible

my little workers co-op project, Friendly Computers, has been on hold for a couple months, but i hope to provide several of them to good homes sometime in the future (:

if there was a way to ship them cheaply, i would very much like to provide them to people on the fedi (:

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Downgraded my #Github account to free, became member of @codeberg instead for the same amount (48€/year). Will move my repos over in the next few weeks. #Copilot

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I decided to startup my own XMPP instance (Prosody). It was really easy! I also setup Biboumi and Spectrum2 (with Telegram and Twitter support) alongside it. It only has a couple of users on it so far. Still, with the OS (Debian Bullseye) and everything running, it barely uses more than 150MB of RAM

#XMPP #decentralization #selfhosting

CQ TEST DE SP6MR on CW while testing IC-7300 with HF-1 on balcony, being covered by buildings on practically all sides, 40W on 10m. Not bad, even if I wasn't able to hear absolutely anything.

Just noticed that the photo description got lost somewhere in transit - I'm pretty sure I wrote "Icom IC-7300" somewhere. Anyway, for anyone who has troubles seeing the photo, it's just a mediocre photo of IC-7300, and not much more there.
Thanks @M0YNG for the red border around images lacking descriptions, it really motivates me to remember about those :alex_grin:

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New radio day. Already tested on 10m FT8, but I need to repeat it in a better location instead of the HF-1 antenna on my balcony

I want to have my own infrastructure for my own bots controlling my stuff at hone, so I've installed a homeserver on my -powered VPS. It was pretty painless and easy. Compared to Mattermost:
+ Mobile push notifications work,
+ there are a lot of libraries for different languages I can use to write bots,
- RAM usage is ridiculously high for a chat server with one user and three messages in memory.

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This installment will review and demonstrate functional exploits for WinAPRS on both Windows XP SP3 and Windows 10.: coalfire.com/the-coalfire-blog

Short version: hacking ham radio users through RCE in the radio software.

The first time I've worked on my own rig and antenna and I was able to work 19 contacts. This is great fun and I will definitely do that again!

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For those who are interested in ColorSpot, the CLI DX cluster client: git.qrz.is/clemens/colorspot

The software can be easily installed via pip:

# python3 -m pip install colorspot

I observed that it eats a lot of CPU when processing a line which is noticable on a rpi. Will look into that.

I'd be happy to get some feedback.

If you don't want the lotw integration, just keep the username at N0CALL in the config.

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I am just scanning my huge library of paper electronic schematics from the 80-90's. Mainly related projects. Some unique, never published, only in my paper version. I will then upload everything somewhere on archive.org.

Made my first application for my - a Maidenhead locator display based on current location. Everything made in and .
Programming in Vala was a delight. The barrier to entry is practically nonexistent, and it was really pleasant to use.
GTK, however, not so much. Making UIs in XML is a chore. Glade doesn't support GTK4, new designers seem not to be ready yet.
I hope to slowly add some more features to it. Grab the source at sr.ht/~michalr/hamlocator/ if you want.

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erm, I thought I'd make a thing.

It's a very basic for people on the 's personal sites.

It only has itself and my site so far.


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“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation.”

― Gustavo Petro 🇨🇴

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Hi cycling people :) I installed and maintain a free bicycle repair station on a cycle lane near were we live (rural Denmark).

Am always interested in what cycling service infrastructure is available elsewhere, so if you have something: share it here! :-)

#bicycle #cycling @mastobikes

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Added functions to the smol spreadsheet editor, it now supports all of the uxntal native arithmetic opcodes.

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If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the EU, you can find information on our webpage about:

🚸Children protection
🎓 Education

🔗EU Stands with Ukraine. ➞ europa.eu/!VJY6fg

Funniest thing I've read today: how the "duck hunt" game commonly on is a : archive.ph/NUlu6 (link to archive instead of directly to source as I am not sure whether the original is ironic or not)

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The conversations.im #XMPP server is now free to use. I verified the legitimacy of this message with the lead developer of the app. Pretty awesome that they decided to stop making money from something because they were able to meet their needs elsewhere, :-) #privacy

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