Found a really (suspiciously?) cheap FT817 on Amazon: - £309.00

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@m0puh As a proud owner of FT818, which is almost the same, I can definitely recommend this rig

@sp6mr I have an FT818 myself, this popped up on a camelcamelcamel alert I made back before I bought it.

@m0puh But of course, I have no idea about this exact offer - I remember that I've once bought a suspiciously cheap PS3 game pad, and after that I think twice before buying anything cheaper than expected

@sp6mr it might be a misprice and get cancelled, or it might be a genuinely good deal.

Or I suppose it might be fake. But do you get fake ham radios?

@m0puh I've heard that there are fake Baofengs, but I am not 100% sure how much worse they get than original Baofengs. Fake Yaesu would definitely be a curiosity

@sp6mr Ahh interesting! I knew there were lots of fake antennas and things like that but not rigs.

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