As encouraged, here’s my

I’m James, 26, he/him pronouns. I’m hoping getting involved with this place will prompt me to finish up some projects I’ve sidelined. Here’s what’s on deck:
-MEF-1 antenna tuner ordered from EA3GCY
-10m small transmitting loop (let’s see how a coax capacitor works!)
-DDS controlled Pixie (just an experiment)
-A LPF/PA shield for Rpitx (preferably on 2m, most of the projects out there are for HF)

@kk6por welcome aboard! I’ll be interested to see how some of those projects end up :)

@bcshort if one stands out to you as particularly interesting, let me know. They’ve all stalled for various reasons, but interest in one would definitely perk up my motivation to push forward!

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