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Hey Nerds! Its #openCulture time.

I want your suggestions for your favorite public domain or creative commons science fiction books.

Toot 'em at me, or use the hashtag #FreeScifi

I'm going to get things started in the replies to this post, and I look forward to seeing what you have to offer as well.

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I feel like there must be a way to smash together the old school and new... Are there any good servers for in ?
I weirdly want to try and make it possible to read this instance over the gopher protocol and this seems like a stupid but fun way to do it.

Here’s the start of my DDS controlled Pixie. Solder work isn’t the best, but the continuity test indicates it should be functional

As encouraged, here’s my

I’m James, 26, he/him pronouns. I’m hoping getting involved with this place will prompt me to finish up some projects I’ve sidelined. Here’s what’s on deck:
-MEF-1 antenna tuner ordered from EA3GCY
-10m small transmitting loop (let’s see how a coax capacitor works!)
-DDS controlled Pixie (just an experiment)
-A LPF/PA shield for Rpitx (preferably on 2m, most of the projects out there are for HF)


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