Somebody tell me about Allstar. I'm thinking of initializing a node, it worth the time and energy, I wonder? Ultimately, it would be more personally beneficial is my local repeater could connect but there is no internet at the repeater site.

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@kj7t yes, it is amazing. Building the node was fun and it is the digital mode with the best audio in my opinion. You can join many different networks all over the world just with your trusty FM HT. Here is how I've build mine:

@kj7t The AllStarLink distro hasn't seen an release in over 4 years. There was a schism in the governance so there's also PTTLink now. That the network is still online is something of a miracle.

@nivex TY. I guess we can't have systems at scale without some drama. I was unaware of the AllStarLink --> PTTLink relationship and I thank you.

@kj7t subscribing. Same questions. Locally we have a Fusion repeater tied to Wires-X, which is nothing to do with Allstar.

@W1CDN It begins to feel overwhelming, as in too many choices. However, I don't mean to imply that's a bad thing -- it's just confusing. AllStarLink, PTTLink, DMR, D-Star, Fusion, Wires-X,

@kj7t I'm overwhelmed for sure.

I also would rather we be able to separate "digital radio" from "radio over the internet." I don't really want to buy a Yaesu Fusion radio, but would like to occasionally take advantage of the statewide internet-linked repeaters. It seems like there should be a way to do this?

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