Looking for VT and DE on 17 meters. This is what I see.

(Later, I discovered that the audio output from the computer had automagically switched to mute. Once that was fixed, full TX was restored.)

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Running 40 watts FT8 on 20 meters last night in rough band conditions when suddenly sound started coming out of my computer speakers and TX output on the FT-450D went to zero. No idea what caused this. Resetting the radio restored full power on TX so it appears I didn't blow the finals. 🙂

So close to worked all states on FT8 this morning. The last state I need is North Dakota. I've had some contacts there but they haven't filed log reports. I wasn't able to tie a ribbon around the FT8 QSO with a (rare for me) North Dakota station this morning as 17 meters faded out. Darn it.

Somebody tell me about Allstar. I'm thinking of initializing a node, but...is it worth the time and energy, I wonder? Ultimately, it would be more personally beneficial is my local repeater could connect but there is no internet at the repeater site.

That moment when your internet goes down because someone nearby cut a line...and you pull out your secret hotspot and keep on working 🙂

Question for the FT8 masters: how do you handle a pileup? I was calling CQ on 10 meters (which had opened up) and had a QSO going with three more calls waiting. By the time I worked through the list, all three of the waiting calls had moved on. Just wondering if there is a technique I could use to respond more quickly to the folks in the queue.

Dog toy becomes antenna launcher...but I will confess here that a pneumatic launcher would probably be more satisfying!

I've been thinking a lot about remote controlling a VHF/UHF rig and have settled on an Icom ID-5100a as my test unit. That radio is on the way to me now. I'll post up more as I experiment.

Blankety blank antenna ruined a planned POTA activation, but I recovered with an activation later that day in a different park! randomwire.substack.com/p/ante

Fun morning. 20 meters is open from the West Coast westward. Russia, Japan, Indonesia all responding to my CQs on .

How do you log your contacts? I am using GridTracker to automatically upload my contacts to Logbook of the World. But it seems rather clunky.

There is something quite satisfying about fixing Anderson Powerpole connectors!

Happy to work K7CAR and W0MU on FT8, both calling CQ POTA. I gravitate toward responding first to stations!

Reached into the back corner of the closet to pull out my old Kenwood TS-520 transceiver...and groaned. I forgot how heavy that great radio is! My, how spoiled we are today with modern, lightweight solid-state radios!

The best thing about is: I can eat a meal while having QSOs!

Added another 9 FT8 QSOs to the log this morning. Feels a bit harder to complete exchanges out here on the west coast. The density of stations is less.

I work with districts in Washington State. I'm a sailor, lover of , and user of .


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