A bit of a belated toot for this account, but I'm resolving to make 2020 a year of actually doing more

I've basically done no operating since gaining my licenses, as home is a flat in central London, so and are likely to be my immediate focus. Additionally, I'm sorting my car and shack-in-a-box for weekends away, so I can operate some HF (probably voice and / ).

Step one: Update my pi-star hotspot, and DMR radio ✅

@M0XPX sounds like a good plan Mat, there is a lot you can do with DMR (and don't let the detractors put you off!)

I look forward to finding out what you do with the "in a box" setup, I do a similar thing for portable operation but it's never been full of finesse.

@M0YNG The "not real radio" crowd definitely don't put me off, they're welcome to visit my flat to show me where to put up a dipole for top-band if they want to pursuade me off DMR, but as far as I'm concerned, if I need my license, it's real radio :-)
As for the in-a-box setup, I think I'll start with battery, radio, antenna and mast, and see where it develops from there; I already want a better battery than the lead-acid one I have (i.e. LiFePo4, but ££).

@M0XPX @M0YNG Have you looked at HobbyKing for the LiFePO4 batteries?

@g0fcu That's a good shout, thanks.

I hadn't thought about those, I've been busy heading down the "build my own pack" rabbithole, looking at the headway 38120S cells, but a buy and go option definitely appeals more for now.

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