Actually at a point of post-move unpacking/sorting that I don't feel bad spending an evening throwing some RF into the sky.
super-antenna coil, military whip, precariously balanced on a ground spike, and 50W on 20m got me a 57 report from S57DX in Slovenia for my first QSO from the new gaff.
Happy with that for a fairly compromised antenna.

Working from home is mandatory from Monday for my employer, so I'm going to leave my HT on monitoring the Feditalk TG on , and will be putting a few calls out when I'm not deep in the middle of fixing things, or in conference calls.

Finally worked out why my pi-star hotspot has been so quiet for the last week.
Hotspot security was enabled in but I hadn't set the password in pi-star.
Once that was sorted, oh look, surprise surprise, I could see myself on the last heard page.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to put out some calls at a more sensible time when I'm not half asleep.

Right, I've spent a couple of weeks on life-admin, now I should fire up a radio again.
Are there any particular networks/talkgroups that masto folks hang out in?

A bit of a belated toot for this account, but I'm resolving to make 2020 a year of actually doing more

I've basically done no operating since gaining my licenses, as home is a flat in central London, so and are likely to be my immediate focus. Additionally, I'm sorting my car and shack-in-a-box for weekends away, so I can operate some HF (probably voice and / ).

Step one: Update my pi-star hotspot, and DMR radio ✅


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