Test mounted my new HF discone in the loft. Good signals down to the 60khz time signal, VHF/UHF ham bands were dead which is probably about right. Hopefully get this up outside soon but will need a much more robust aerial mast first.

@M0TDN Nice! Is that DIY or commercial? I was under the impression that a discone would have to be prohibitively large (25m tall?!) for HF.


@kr4dio it's commercial (moonraker.eu/scanking-hf-disco). It is about 6 feet tall. I suspect the top section conceals a coiled up long wire or something but didn't fancy dismantling it before first use to find out. I doubt it is as effective as the full size model but it lets me scan the full range of my Airspy+Spyverter without switching antennas so it's a decent solution.

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