AMSAT reports that the ISS will be transmitting SSTV again Apr 1-2 on 145.800 MHz in PD120 format from 1400 to 1900 GMT both days.

@K3LTC @felix you can try to pick it up with the slim jim antenna and the baofeng. Install QSSTV and connect the radio output to a mic in jack to the PC, or maybe you can even do sound over the air in a quiet place.
@felix fijate los pasajes de la ISS a ver si no hay alguno

Yes, thats what I ended up doing last time which worked the best. My notes from last event here:

Nate, great tips. Ideally would be to throw a 3-element yagi, and do tle follow by hand. The SlimJim is omni directional which does not help much, but it does worth the try for sure.

@santiago @felix I'm going to use the Baofeng again with the Nagoya whip, but this time I'm going to try using the android app Robot36:

@santiago @felix i couldn't catch any signal on that pass and looks like they are stopping at 19:00 GMT which I think is 15:00 here in NY and the next pass is 15:32 so looks like I get nada.

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