I've always thought a chromebook would be a great portable computer for field use because they're cheap, battery lasts a long time, lightweight, and simple. I was able to run fldigi on one hooked up to a SignaLink connected to my TM-v71A and it seemed to transmit ok. Nobody was playing at the time so I'll have to mess with it again when folks are on. More details:

Ran into some headwind getting the SDRPlay to work in Linux do just to make sure it was working I set up SDRUno in Win10 and I like it! I still want to get it working under Linux but there seem to be a bunch of strange dependencies and drivers. I was hoping it would just be recognized like the RTL-SDR was.

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Had so much fun with my RTL-SDR over the last couple years and it up and stopped working recently. In gqrx I can see a screen-width of band and hear it, but moving the window or choosing a bookmark doesn't actually update the screen anymore its like its only able to receive a fixed amount of bandwidth now. For $25 I think I got a good two years of fun out of it though. I decided to upgrade a bit for my next SDR.

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So I got my allocation for IPs in the 44.* network space. Next question, what to do with them? I've looked at JNOS which looks interesting. For those of you who have amateur network IP allocations, what are you using them for? ampr.org/

Two of our local radio clubs have started holding Health and Welfare nets (one nightly) to provide a forum for local information during the COVID-19 event. Speaking only for myself I have found this meet up comforting and would recommend it to most clubs but be careful to ensure that you have a calm, scientifically literate, and well informed member run it!

Getting fldigi connected to my baofeng under Ubuntu was as easy as plugging in my new SignaLink (with the correct jumper settings), firing up pulseaudio and selecting the new sound card for playback and record.

Captured this image from today using a Baofeng BF-F8HP with Nagoya NA-771 antenna, decoded in real time using android app holding phone close to radio with app running.

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On the topic of automatic tuners, I think understanding why you might need one and more importantly why you might not is key. This video makes it pretty clear I think. youtu.be/zhsXIyq64Wc

Gary, KD2PYB announces APRS and SSTV High Altitude Balloon Event planned for those within 500 miles of Binghamton, NY June 29. More details at reachfornearspace.com

Test of running solar this weekend. Definitely not ultra-portable, but good for operating near a vehicle. Tripod stand gets the base of the Comet GP-3 to 4 meters, 35Ah AGM battery, Renogy 150W panel and controller, Kenwood TM-V71A (2m/70cm).

You'll know you've been practicing CW enough when you start hearing Chickadees calling "2 2 2"

Found a CW beacon on 2 meters near me. FLdigi mostly decoded it, but got some of it wrong - perhaps because it was keyed by hand? In any case it was fun to discover it!

Got the old Vibroplex keyer making some sounds with a raspberry pi (actually a pi-top which has a speaker) and some python.

Got it hooked up to a pi-top with a little python program to make a 800Hz tone. Getting it set up has been a challenge, but at least I've got it making some sounds now!

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egads. Suddenly all Firefox Add-Ons have been disabled in the browser across all platforms everywhere. Wonder if it is related to this work: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

Building this circuit might be a fun project so I can start to play with that old Vibroplex. I think I have all these parts just laying around anyway!

Credit Donald J. DuBon, N6JRL

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