My new Radioddity GD-77 arrived today. After flashing it with OpenGD77 I now can enjoy Brandmeisters Talker Alias feature. Note that no contacts csv is installed on the device.

@M0YNG the fact that the fw is open source gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :)

@DL6MHC yes, that's great!

Would you recommend the handset generally too?

@M0YNG I'm not sure yet. It feels a little cheaper than the Retevis RT3S, the display is not color but b&w (what i prefer) and i had no audio report so far. I'll let you know when i come to a conclusion. What's great is the superior software which allows setup mic gain, use the HT as DMR Hotsport, Talker Alias etc.

@M0YNG My conclusion so far: The GD77 looks and feels more toy-ish than e.g. the Retevis RT3S but the software is worth it. Had some QSOs yesterday and got good audio reports.

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