New project: raspberry pi controlled remote antenna switch. One remote rpi for triggering the 4 relais inside the antenna switch and one rpi connected to the TRX in the shack measuring the ATU port's voltage to fully automatically choose the correct antenna for each band. Let's see how this works out :)

@DL6MHC the raspi 4 has reports of being a noise factory, so maybe keep that in mind if you haven't acquired them yet. cool project, good luck!

@DL6MHC I can recommend you an ESP8266 instead of RasPI if you'd like to use less power and have it more cost effective ;) Also, programming ESP8266 in Arduino IDE is great fun!

@sp6mr Thank you for your advise! I realized that the rpi has no analog in Pin so I actually ordered an ESP8266 for the Trx side. The antenna switch will be controlled with an Arduino Duemilanova + Ethernet shield + mosfets to drive the switch with 12V. The code for the Duemilanova is already working, you can choose an antenna via a simple webservice. So no rpi anymore ;)

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