New blog entry on how to build the shortened 30m dipole I tooted a few days ago:

@DL6MHC a nice writeup.

I may look into making that, seen as I have no home HF setup and my portable kit failed yesterday...

@M0YNG Thank you!

Yes, saw the picture of the broken mast 🙁 hope you find a solution to be qrv again soon.

@DL6MHC probably a silly question, but is 30m any good?

How far can you get?
What modes do you operate?

@M0YNG Never was on 30m before but it was said to be a nice band for CW. That's why decided to build an antenna. 30m is digimode/CW only so there is no SSB activity. One additional feature: no contests are allowed on WARC bands. This band feels like 20m but also opens at night. I only tried FT8 and heard stations from the US, south america, falkland islands, japan, australia etc. but worked only european stations so far.

@DL6MHC that all sounds exciting! I'm no good with CW, but data modes are interesting to me and suit my operating conditions well most of the time.

I'm now going to go investigate if I can rig up a raspberry pi to do the control from...

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