Is anyone here interested in the (tr)uSDX? I find that little box quite fascinating and would enjoy to rebuild it. But I have a little bit of respect for starting a group buy. I would prefer to just join a group order, but I don't know any groups in my area.

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I wonder how that rig can do SSB TX with a class E PA? The main options are: Works only if the incoming audio contains only one frequency at a time (this is what the QCX does). Or something really complicated is done with the power input of the PA (this was developed for SSB TX for satellites many years ago, but I've rarely seen it in practice).

Myself, I'm only curious; not interested in building this rig myself.

It took me a moment to find (first was at discussing low-quality Chinese clones). These URIs are for the convenience oft those who, like me, don't yet know the .

@dj3ei I wasn't expecting that at all. I almost have the feeling that there is a hype about the truSDX. I am now in contact with DL2MAN. He recommends doing a group buy on multi-eye basis. I was surprised. There are actually already a lot of interested people all over the world. Here you can see the device in action. I admit that the antennas in the video are a bit unrealistic, because you rarely have a beam and a lattice mast of 20 metres in QRP, but the device is still interesting for me.(1/2)

Yes. Definetely. Especially for CW-only SOTA this device sounds really interesting.

For SSB I prefer my IC-705. I don't want to miss my waterfall

@dg1psi Yes, it's a bit flat here for . 😂
But I would have a area on my doorstep. Or on holiday. I've never had a waterfall, so I can't miss it.

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